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See for yourself what a short-term mission trip to India through Global Hope India is like. These videos provide a small glimpse into the life changing mission that awaits you…


Since God has called every Christ-follower to GO, why not pray and ask God to close the door if the timing isn’t right. As your path to India, Global Hope India is ready to provide all the training and logistics.

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December 26 – January 6, 2015 – Clemson FCA Team

This team of college students from Clemson University led by Caitlyn Carlile will be partnering with an NGO in Hyderabad, India to serve in orphan homes, after-school programs, vocational training centers, and restoration homes for needy women. Come celebrate New Years on mission in India. This will be a life-changing experience for you! Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is September 18. Apply to  Caitlyn Carlile directly.  PROMO SHEET


January 2 – 11, 2015 – Point Church Team to Pune, India

This team of college students and adults from The Point Church in Raleigh, NC and will be led by Todd Harrison . The team will be traveling to Pune, India to work with a local church planting pastor. They will be involved in construction work, ministering to college students at a nearby medical college, and participating in training new church planters . Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is August 2, 2014. PROMO SHEET


February 27-March 8, 2015 Oak City Church Village & Children Team 

This team is lead by Jonathan Gould and members of Oak City Church Traveling to Orissa , India, this team will work with the kids and staff at New Life Ministries and go out into surrounding villages to do development projects and gospel meetings.  Trip cost of $2,900/person covered airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is August 27, 2014. PROMO SHEET


June 18-27, 2015 – Pune Village Ministry Team

This team made up of adults from churches across the Southeast United States will be led by Darrell Johnson a GHI Alumni of Global Ethos – Raleigh, NC. The team will be traveling to Bhandgaon, a small village in Pune, India to work with a local Church Planter. The team will be involved in a village transformation project, church planters training, support and resources for women, daily sports camp, and discipleship of new Believers. Individuals of various skill levels and interests are needed. Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is Nov 18, 2015. PROMO SHEET


2015 July 24 – Aug 2: Bagalur Dental Clinic & Children’s Team:

This team of dental care professionals & others will be partnering with a local church planting pastor in Bagalur, India to provide dental clinics and serve in a church, school, orphan home, as well as a program for at-risk child laborers. The team is led by Anna Hilla, RDH, BSDH at UNC School of Dentistry. She attends Summit Chapel Hill. The team will share the good news of Jesus through dental clinics & relational evangelism with lots of children & adults. This will be a life-changing experience for you! Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is November 24, 2014. PROMO SHEET


October 2-11, 2015 – Medical & Engineer Team 

This team of medical, engineer, & other professionals, led by Andrew Jarman & Hannah Crosby – GHI alumni, will be working with local churches in Chennai, TN & Palakollu, AP India to proclaim & demonstrate the Gospel through medical clinics and engineering projects in urban communities as well as remote villages. Individuals of various skill levels and interests are needed. Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is April 2, 2015 PROMO SHEET


2015 Dec 27 – Jan 6, 2016: Cliffdale Community Church – Fayetteville Team

This team, led by Nathan Jones missions director of Cliffdale Christian Center in Fayetteville, NC, will travel to India to work in a church, school, orphan home, and needy villages. The team will share the good news of Jesus through various child evangelism programs and adult Bible training programs. This will be a life-changing experience for you! Trip cost of $2,900/person covers airfare and all in-country expenses. Deadline to apply is April 27, 2015. PROMO SHEET

Serve in India LONG-TERM: Interested in serving in India for more than 6 months? Multiple year opportunities also exist in a variety of locations throughout India. Contact us today for full details.



Add your trip to the list and let GHI handle the logistics. Contact us .

Unless otherwise stated all teams are made up of people from a variety of Gospel sending churches.

Please let us know if GHI can handle all the logistics for your church’s team. Why recreate the wheel? Make one or more of these trips your church’s trips to India!



Once you’ve applied and joined a team, you will receive our complete TRIP PREP PACKET. Please follow the checklist. The packet provides answers to the most frequently asked questions so please read it first then let us know if you still have questions. Let’s get ready to GO TO INDIA for mission trips



While no two trips/teams are alike, here is one example:

DURATION/DATES: A typical trip would last 7-10 days. The team would depart the US after work on a Friday and return by the end of the day the following Sunday. This allows team members to take no more than 5 vacation days off work if needed.

COST: A 7-10 day trip will cost $2,900 per person which covers airfare and all in country expenses. Funds may be raised through support letters, personal contributions and your own fundraising. feed the children All gifts are tax-deductible.

TEAM SIZE: 4+ adults/students – average size team is 12 people.

TRIP DESCRIPTION: India is a beautiful country of extreme contrast. Your team will fly into any number of international airports in India. Within minutes of leaving the airport you’ll see slum communities living in inhuman poverty. With 1.3 billion people, India is among the largest, poorest, neediest, and most undeveloped countries in the world. In fact, half of the world’s orphans live in India for church ministries.

Our work in India centers on empowering the church in India for the advancement of the Gospel in three ways: church planting, village development, and child rescue. We partner with networks of native church planting missionaries in a variety of states throughout India. They leverage everything we do for maximum Kingdom impact.

We take a variety of teams kid jam Bible club teams, medical teams, dental teams, worship & music teams, church planter conference team, women’s conference teams, water quality teams, child rescue teams, etc. Each team has at least one concentrated focus. We will leverage the gifts and abilities of each individual team member. Whether you like leading in public or serving quietly behind the scenes, there is a huge need for you in India! All team members can expect to play with kids, befriend adults, and pray with lots of people. We get out of our comfort zone and seek to join God in His work in the midst of real human need.

WHAT TO EXPECT: 24 hour flights to and from India; bottled water; beautiful people; happy children; hot climate; dusty roads; nerve racking travel; traffic congestion; people everywhere; exposure to sever poverty; spicy foods; some American fast food; 5 Star Chinese food; safe & clean hotel; running water; showers; English toilets (most of the time); one carryon suitcase for your personal belongings; one large suitcase for team supplies; cold soft-drinks, but no ice; a ongoing week-long concert of prayer – LIFE CHANGE volunteer opportunities

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Christ-like love and attitude; commitment to group unity and fun; flexibility; patience; hand sanitizer; wet wipes or toilet paper; rain poncho/shoes; low cost, modest, comfortable, and cool clothing; personal snacks and tastes from home; pillowcase and 2 flat sheets, etc. You MUST understand the 4 most important needs for doing work: 1. flexibility, 2. flexibility. 3. flexibility, and 4. a good sense of humor!

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