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The Reality of Child Prostitution in India

In India today there is a social issue going on that no one is really talking about.  The media sweeps this issue under the table because of it’s offensive nature and most people do not want to deal with the feelings or ugly nature that this topic provokes.  We are speaking about child prostitution.  This is all a part of child labor and parents who are uneducated and poor basically indenturing and selling their children into the child pornography industry just so they can keep a roof over their heads.  The facts are approximately 20% of all prostitutes in the red light districts of India are children.  These girls and boys are beginning their lives of prostitution at the ages of 9-13 years old.  Some are abducted and sold as prostitutes and some are sold by their very own parents into prostitution. The direct correlation between education and child prostitution is a straight line.  If these children were allowed to educate themselves they would be 90% less likely to ever end up in such a situation.  Education is the solution to poverty, so if a couple ends up having children instead of getting their educations, they typically end up poor and limited in their means of providing for their families. The good news is these children absolutely have an opportunity to break the cycle of not only poverty but also sex and human trafficking.

With Global Hope India new hope is being pumped into India like never before.  What this organization does is allows sponsorship of not just the children of India but entire villages, allowing children to have opportunities that they would have never had in the past.  Global Hope India allows the infrastructure of India to become stronger by pumping in resources that will help to change the lives of all the people who live and work there.  Children do not have to become child prostitutes. Children do not have to end up in the sex trade simply because their parents are poor and do not think they have any other choice.  They do not have to end up a child who is raped and tortured because they were left to wander the streets alone.  With this program existing concrete buildings are becoming child development centers. Each of these specific centers can hold 25 children who are at-risk of being sold or kidnapped into the sex industry.

There is now hope that these children can grow up to have a wonderful and bright future.  They can grow up feeling safe and knowing that when they are adults and have children they will offer them the very best future they’ve been taught!  It’s about time that India gets the hope that it needs and deserves!


  • Babita Modgil
    Oct 26, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Hi Global Hope India,
    Hope you are well.

    We’ve started my next project on child prostitution..this project is portraying women condition in the world we live. Little girls are kidnapped and are given regular dosage of Oxytocin hormone to raise them so that they grow in their bodies prematurely to become prostitutes and then eventually sold in the market in Dubai to sheikhs as virgins. At the age where these girls should be going to school, playing, singing, laughing and dancing, just being themselves. There are so many girls who could be saved!! This project is for a cause. We’re shooting real low budget, completing the project in 10,000 dollars
    only.We are seeking donations from 2000 dollars up to the entire funding of the project if anyone wants that also. Your support will make so much of a difference. Patrons will be part producers in credits and profits of the film. We’ll appreciate any help given to this project and will be grateful to you.
    Babita Modgil and Pankaj Purohit
    Onward Entertainment, llc. LA

  • jantee hazarika
    Mar 15, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    i m working on child prostitution …can u people give meh more information of child pronography……i m on e of the contestant of miss india …

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