1. Being a loner. Going off by yourself or with one or two others. Not getting to know the other team members or nationals.
  2. Expecting everything will run smoothly and be done in the same way things are done in the United States or making suggestions as to how to do things better.
  3. Being inflexible. Complaining and whining when things do not go as expected.
  4. Not eating the food of the country you are visiting. Making jokes about how bad it tastes and what it looks like and then sneaking off to find American food.
  5. Staying up late talking and not getting enough sleep.
  6. Looking for ways in which this trip will benefit you instead of how you can serve others.
  7. Pointing out the negative side of people on your team and those you are visiting.
  8. Coming unprepared for ministry. Just standing around while everyone else puts forth effort.
  9. Not trying anything new. Staying in your comfort zone.
  10. Not finding Prayer Partners. Not praying for our upcoming trip. Not praying for the trip preparations and logistics. And NOT praying during your trip.
  11. Always hanging out or sitting with the same people on the bus. Not making an effort to get to know people you don’t know well.
  12. Not taking the sun seriously. Rarely drinking water and never applying sunblock.
  13. Never journaling!