God is Bringing Salvation out of this Pandemic

Our partners in India are experiencing increasing requests for bibles, baptisms, and prayers. God is on the move. Now is the time to resource the church in India with Bibles, baptismal tanks, new church buildings, and more. Please review the list below and see if you can sponsor any specific needs? It would help us a lot if you could offer a generous matching gift challenge toward helping us collect all that’s needed.

Right now The Church in India needs:


Bibles = $12,000
4,000 Bibles at $3/each


Baptismal Tanks  = $1,000
4 churches need baptismal tanks at $250/each


Temporary Church Construction  = $17,500
7 brand new churches need to construct temporary gathering spaces costing $2,500/each. Using steel poles, tin roofs, and plastic sheeting will allow congregations to have dry space to worship while they collect funds to construct a permanent facility.


1 Permanent church = $7,500
1 church is ready to construct a permanent facility that will cost $7,500.


1 Orphanage = $12,000
One children’s home with 35 children needs $1,000/month to completely care for the children. The ministry is at risk of shutting down leaving the children vulnerable.

TOTAL: $50,000

Global Hope India is where God uses you to the “ends of the earth”. When you invest in GHI you are providing access for people in India to know Jesus.


Time is of the Essence

Can you sponsor any specific needs? A generous matching gift challenge will help us collect what’s needed.

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