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A Different World : Savannah , Hope HSM Team

My experience in India has been so crazy! We’ve gotten to love on so many children and learn so much. I think that it’s so cool to realize how we are all the same but so different at the same time. Our last kid jam really opened my eyes to this. We played a balloon game with the children and the second we started blowing the balloons up, the children began to scream with excitement. It was so amazing to see how excited they got just to be able to play with us and with the balloons.

I think this was one of the biggest differences between the children at home and the children in India. At home, I think we take so much for granted. We tend to overlook how much we have. A simple balloon game at home wouldn’t bring the same joy to children that it brings here in India. One of the main similarities that I saw was the way the children interacted with each other and us. When we played the game, the boys got competitive.

The small things like that just proved how similar we can be. The children loved to be loved and I think that’s another universal thing. On this trip, God really just opened my eyes to the rest of the world. It’s so easy to look at the world from our American perspective but going to India has certainly showed me that life is different outside of my little bubble.


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