A Heartfelt Call to Support the Church of God in India: Andrew’s Testimony and Mission Opportunities

Sharing Jesus: A Transformative Journey

In the heart of India, at the Church of the Word Discipleship Training Centre, a young boy named Andrew shared his powerful testimony of transformation. Born into a Christian family, Andrew initially resisted the call to attend church, preferring instead to play cricket with his friends. However, a divine encounter led him to discover the profound joy of a deeper relationship with Jesus. Andrew’s journey, from a reluctant churchgoer to a passionate believer, highlights the incredible work being done by Pastor Sebastian Bernardshaw and the Church of God in India.

The Impact of Faith and Community

Andrew’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the support of a dedicated Christian community. His journey began when Pastor Sebastian invited him to church. Despite initial reluctance, Andrew felt a sudden urge to read the Bible one day. As he delved into the scriptures, he experienced a spiritual awakening. The next day, he participated in church worship, feeling an overwhelming desire to strengthen his relationship with Jesus. Andrew’s newfound faith led him to enroll in Bible School, where he is now thriving both spiritually and in his beloved sport of cricket.

Answering the Call: Mission Opportunities in India

The Church of God in India is not just changing lives locally but is also extending an invitation to those who feel called to support their mission. They offer short and long-term mission trips, welcoming local and foreign teams to minister in various fields, including medical, leadership, sports, and outreach.

Medical Team: Provide free general and eye clinics to those in need.
Leadership Team: Participate in pastors’ conferences and seminars.
Sports Team: Engage in youth ministry through cricket and volleyball tournaments.
Outreach Team: Conduct kids’ ministry and gospel meetings.

Be a Missionary in India: Give and Go

Global Hope India, in partnership with the Church of God in India, calls on passionate believers to join their mission. Whether through direct involvement in mission trips or by supporting from afar, there are numerous ways to contribute:

Pray and Go: Engage in mission trips and witness the transformative power of faith firsthand.
Give and Go: Support the mission financially, ensuring the continued growth and impact of the church’s efforts.

By answering this call, you can help shape the future of many like Andrew, providing them with opportunities to grow in faith and achieve their dreams.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Global Hope India invites you to be part of this mission. Your support can help bring hope and transformation to countless lives. Engage with us through prayer, participation, and financial support. Together, we can make a significant impact.

For more information on how you can support or join a mission trip, please contact:

Global Hope India
Phone: +1 (919) 438-2101
Email: info@globalhopeindia.org
Website: globalhopeindia.org

You can also send your donations

Your partnership in faith can help grow the Kingdom of God in India, one life at a time.

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