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An Interview with Savannah

Hope Community Church Team – August 2013

How has God brought you to this moment? Tell us the story of your journey to India.

Multiple girls in my small group went to India two years ago. After hearing about their trip, I really started praying about going somewhere one day. After the 2012 India trip, I talked to my small group leader who had gone for her first time. I really felt like God wanted me in India. After months of prayer, preparation, and searching I found myself signed up to go on an amazing journey with an amazing team.

In what ways has God prepared you to go to India, mentally and/or physically? Explain.

God has forced me to rely and trust in Him in ways I don’t normally have to. With raising support and getting to know my team, I’ve had to rely on God to build those relationships and provide the support. God has blessed me with great accountability and a great small group to help guide me.

Why India? What motivates you to want to go to India instead of somewhere else?

I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip. When I was younger, I saw myself going to Africa or Mexico. It wasn’t until two years ago that I heard about the huge need in India. My friends had gone and my parents felt comfortable with the trip.  I prayed about the trip a lot and India is really where God wants me. Why not India?

Describe the thing that you’re most excited about experiencing in India.

I’m excited to experience the children. I can’t wait to be able to love on them and share all that God has in store for them. They need to know that they have a future and a purpose.

How can the GHI team be praying for you as you prepare to go?

Pray for safe travel and for God to start preparing the hearts of us and those we’ll meet in India.


Is there a particular Scripture God used to call you to go to India or to comfort you as you prepare to go?

Isaiah 6:8

As you’ve been praying about your trip, what has God laid on your heart to be praying over India?

I’ve prayed a lot about the impact of our Kid Jams. I want everyone to be open to receiving us.

How has you going to India opened up opportunities for you to share your faith with others?

It has given me the opportunity to share in my classrooms and with my teammates. I have an answer to “what are your summer plans?” My classmates were very supportive and were super excited for me.

What would you like to say to everyone supporting your trip prayerfully and financially?

I’d like to say thank you. You’ve given me the opportunity to become a part of something so much bigger than myself.

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