Dr S 2022 Prayer Request


Dr. S gives Specific Prayer Requests Dr. S and the team in Hyderabad are seeing lives transformed and are in a great position to serve Christ in India! As we start 2022, Dr. S asks that we specifically pray over these new projects.  A Government Certified Pharmacy Assistant Course for Rural Pastor/ Church Planter wives (see […]

New tuition center

Tuition Center Opens in Arani The church outside of Chennai has established a presence in a village where there are very few believers. We are celebrating the opening of a free tuition center for children in the community. These children will not only have access to educational resources, they will also be served a free […]

Covid Hurts India’s Economy

India’s Economy Was Battered by Covid A news article from the New York Times (Sept 1, 2021) Economists predict that growth in India could surge int he second half of the year, on paper. Still, the damage form the pandemic could take years to undo.  Economic output was 9.2 percent lower for the April-through-June period […]

Baptisms in Chennai – July 2021

Baptisms in Chennai

New Believers Baptized in Chennai Say hello to some of our newest brothers and sisters in Christ! God didn’t spare on giving them a beautiful setting for a beautiful profession of their faith! Welcome to the Kingdom! Pastor B’s ministry in Chennai is made possible by generous donors. We may not be able to go […]

Hungry are Fed in Vizag

He Gives Food to the Hungry …And Strength to the Powerless Thanks to those who support GHI, and the rockstar Champions that encourage and empower Pastor Sekhar’s ministry in Vizag, Pastor Sekhar is able to share with those most in need. Pastor Sekhar has a heart for the most vulnerable populations, many of whom suffer […]

Thank You SAINA 2021

Global Hope India Covid-19 Relief in India

San Antonio Indian Nurses Association (SAINA) has sponsored Covid-19 vaccines in India through Global Hope India.

Relief Right Now India-Covid-19

Covid-19 Relief in India

Every 30 seconds someone dies in India from Covid-19. This is tragic and what’s even more horrific is that most never heard about Jesus.

Pastor Achu Needs Medical Supplies – May 2021

Benefit Dinner for Covid-19 Relief in India

Update: Supplies Funded! In mid-June 2021, Pastor Achu received a wire of 50,000rs designated to supplying the Covid Care Center with the items listed below! Praise the Lord and THANK YOU for those who gave! The Covid Care Center is now open in Nagaland and has made the local news (see photo below) – giving […]

2020 Praise Report


Praise Report In the midst of the chaos of 2020, we always want to be sure to give glory to our Creator, Provider, Comforter, and the ONE who is in control: our Heavenly Father. Thank you God for allowing us to be apart of the work you are doing in India and across the world. […]

Deaf Students in Dimapur Now Have Access to School – 2020

Smart Phones Bring Access to Education for Deaf Students in Village Tekhi, a deaf student studying in Dimapur, India, signs “Dear GHI, Thank you for giving me a new phone. I am a student. Now I will be able to see the video lessons and study. Thank you so much.” Sedevelie (pictured above) is from […]