Dr S 2022 Prayer Request


Dr. S gives Specific Prayer Requests Dr. S and the team in Hyderabad are seeing lives transformed and are in a great position to serve Christ in India! As we start 2022, Dr. S asks that we specifically pray over these new projects.  A Government Certified Pharmacy Assistant Course for Rural Pastor/ Church Planter wives (see […]

Monsoons in India

Pray: Rain Pours Across India As summer ends, rain has started to fall across India. PRAISE: Our friends in northeast India experienced a severe loss several years ago as the lack of rain kept them from harvesting rice, which is what brings the community income. This year, they are expecting the harvest to be great […]

Covid-19 Update – May 7


Indian Covid-19 Relief Update May 7, 2021 Thousands need a hospital bed in India Over 18,000 Covid-positive patients are waiting for a hospital bed in the state of Telangana alone. Those who are fortunate enough to get a bed still need oxygen and ventilators – leaving many to die in waiting. Migrant workers are without […]

Praise Report: Priya is Healed! – 2021


Praise in the New Year: Priya is Healed! The following is a letter from Pastor Manoj & Priya, GHI partners in Mumbai: “He sent His word and healed me…” (Ps 107:20) Beloved Brethren,Shalom in CHRIST! Hallelujah! Jehovah Ropheka, the Lord our healer, has healed Priya from the Colon Cancer! All her blood reports are normal now […]

2021: Baptisms in Chennai


Bringing in 2021 with Baptisms! Several new believers professed their faith publicly through baptisms in early January! See photos below. Thankfully for them in South India, it’s no where near as cold as it is in many places in America right now.Regardless, we are so excited to welcome our new brothers and sisters to the […]

Tuition Needed for Hyderabad Orphan – Oct 2020


Young Man in Hyderabad needs Help with College Tuition Meet Mahesh (pictured above)! Mahesh is an orphan that has grown up in Raja’s home in Hyderabad. He was recently accepted in to the engineering graduate program at a prestigious university near Delhi. We are so proud of Mahesh! The university Mahesh has been accepted to […]

Christmas for Students in Hyderabad – 2020

Help Make Christmas 2020 a Great One!   Our Church Partner in Hyderabad, Dr. S, is asking for help in providing Christmas gifts to Bible College students! For $23, you can provide a college student in India a new outfit, a delicious Christmas meal, and a full day of fun and games provided by our […]

Deaf Students in Dimapur Now Have Access to School – 2020

Smart Phones Bring Access to Education for Deaf Students in Village Tekhi, a deaf student studying in Dimapur, India, signs “Dear GHI, Thank you for giving me a new phone. I am a student. Now I will be able to see the video lessons and study. Thank you so much.” Sedevelie (pictured above) is from […]

School is in Session: Prayers Needed! – 2020


School is in Session: Prayers Needed! New regulations are being set both on children homes and FCRA rules that can and will affect our partners in India. Dr. S is asking that we join them in praying for wisdom & strength to comply with the regulations. Skills training centers reopened on the 21st of September. […]

Pastor M’s Heart for Mumbai -2020


Pastor M’s Heart for Mumbai The Lord laid Rays of Hope Ministry on Pastor Manoj’s heart in 2002. After obeying God through giving every rupee he had to begin Rays of Hope. This included all of his savings from 1994-2002. Pastor Manoj could no longer ignore the thousands of children who are homeless/orphaned in the […]