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It is highly recommended that you keep a journal while on your trip as you will find this a valuable part of your mission trip. Each day will be packed with new experiences – keeping an immediate written record will help you recall them later. When you return home, your journal will enable you to […]

Devotionals for Mission Trips – 2019

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Most of Global Hope India’s mission trips to India are for 10 days. This provides for 6 days of ministry on-the-ground. While travel is a great opportunity to study the Word, journal, and worship, it’s when we are on the go in daily programs that we can be challenged to have daily devotionals. Here are […]

The Ultimate Overseas Packing List

Passport and Bible

Disclaimer: Don’t feel like you have to bring everything on this list, but there probably isn’t anything you need to bring that isn’t on this list. If you DO want something on this list (besides what a hotel might have), then it is up to you to pack it. Toiletries Shampoo and conditioner Shaving gel/cream […]

Preparing Your Heart

If you haven’t already, check out our free eBook – Co-Workers in The Mission Bible Study. It is a great MUST HAVE resource EVERY missionary, mission’s team, and mission trip leader needs! The #1 reason missionary leaves the field is interpersonal conflict. If we allow, the enemy will do anything possible to distract us from […]

Personal Fundraising Ideas

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Before considering fund-raising ideas please understand NOTHING can ever replace you looking eye-to-eye with someone and asking them to support you on your mission trip! In the history of Global Hope India hundreds of travelers to India have collected millions for mission through support raising letters! Sending out letters IS the most effective means of […]

Reach internationals in your community – Raising Support

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Reach internationals in your community with these three free action items As God calls you to GO on a short-term mission trip, you’ll have 3 choices: Self Pay Raise Support Self Pay & Raise Support Even if you have the ability to pay your own way we encourage you to consider raising support to help […]