Session #2: Biblical Principles for Business

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Practical Biblical Principles for Running a Business Plan Before You Begin. Luke 14:28 advises us that before we begin a work we must plan carefully what is required for success. Commit your Plans to the Lord Proverbs 16:3,9:  Our plans are futile if they are not approved by God. Seek Godly Trusted Advisors Proverbs 15:22  […]

Session #1: Biblical Foundations for Business

Business development

by Jonathan Global Hope India is grateful to God to have the opportunity to empower indigenous leaders in India with business development training. What God starts he sustains. We help pastors and leaders all across India to stand on their own 2 feet. Work is Ordained by God Genesis 1:27-28:  God created man to enhance […]

The Bible Speaks to Our Finances – 2019

Give and You Will Receive

Introduction 16 of 38 parable in the New Testament deal with Finances or Possessions The New Testament contains more about money than about heaven and hell combined. 500+ verses speak about prayer and faith, while 2000+ verses speak about money and possessions. Seven Biblical Principles of Finance God owns it all and is the Source […]