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PHONES Each team leader will be issued a personal Indian mobile phone. Any callers from the USA will need to add 011 (country code) in front of the mobile number in order to reach this phone. Once you get a new SIM card you may need to dial *123# call to activate it. India doesn’t […]

13 Ways to Ruin the Mission Trip of a Lifetime

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Being a loner. Going off by yourself or with one or two others. Not getting to know the other team members or nationals. Expecting everything will run smoothly and be done in the same way things are done in the United States or making suggestions as to how to do things better. Being inflexible. Complaining […]

Hotels in India – 2019


Most Global Hope India teams stay in hotels so not to burden our partners. Here’s some tips you’ll want to know about hotels in India… Expect your room key to be necessary to turn the power on in your room. Once in the room look for a slot on the wall just inside the door […]

Devotionals for Mission Trips – 2019

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Most of Global Hope India’s mission trips to India are for 10 days. This provides for 6 days of ministry on-the-ground. While travel is a great opportunity to study the Word, journal, and worship, it’s when we are on the go in daily programs that we can be challenged to have daily devotionals. Here are […]