School is in Session: Prayers Needed! – 2020


School is in Session: Prayers Needed! New regulations are being set both on children homes and FCRA rules that can and will affect our partners in India. Dr. S is asking that we join them in praying for wisdom & strength to comply with the regulations. Skills training centers reopened on the 21st of September. […]

Pastor M’s Heart for Mumbai -2020


Pastor M’s Heart for Mumbai The Lord laid Rays of Hope Ministry on Pastor Manoj’s heart in 2002. After obeying God through giving every rupee he had to begin Rays of Hope. This included all of his savings from 1994-2002. Pastor Manoj could no longer ignore the thousands of children who are homeless/orphaned in the […]

Helpful Information About India

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PHONES Each team leader will be issued a personal Indian mobile phone. Any callers from the USA will need to add 011 (country code) in front of the mobile number in order to reach this phone. Once you get a new SIM card you may need to dial *123# call to activate it. India doesn’t […]

Do’s and Don’t of India

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DO Keep track of passport at all times Drink plenty of clean water Wear sunscreen even if you usually don’t Eat often, at least something small at every meal/ snack  Tell a trip leader if you are feeling sick Journal Everyday (you will thank yourself later) Respect the trip leaders and their expectations DON’T Drink […]

Witnessing in India

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70% of the people you’ll meet in India will identify themselves as Hindus. 20% will identify as Muslims. Here’s some insights to help you understand how to effectively share Jesus has done for you. Sharing Jesus with Hindus What is the key: The challenge with witnessing to the Hindu is that he sees himself as […]

Hotels in India – 2019


Most Global Hope India teams stay in hotels so not to burden our partners. Here’s some tips you’ll want to know about hotels in India… Expect your room key to be necessary to turn the power on in your room. Once in the room look for a slot on the wall just inside the door […]

Indian Customs You Should Know Before Visiting India – 2019

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By Shreya Sanghani For ages, India has been viewed as a symbol of the mystical and exotic East. Dismissing India as a cliche runs the serious risk of placing India in a timeless zone outside of the real world, which is increasingly modern and complex. India is a vast and rapidly developing country with twenty-eight […]

Attire Suggestions for India – 2019

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Here’s the bottom line: our “US” modesty is provocative to the natives in India! Females: It is important to cover your shoulders and knees especially (for teams traveling to a village, please cover your ankles as well) Bottoms = full-length cotton pants, “elephant pants”, OR leggings (your top must cover your bottom (and not be […]