Sharing the Gospel in the Indian Hindu World

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by Sarah Beth Hinduism has many gods, holy writings, and beliefs.  There is no single definition of Hinduism. Hinduism is an evolved and ever-evolving faith. Within Hinduism there is an incredible mixture of diverse ideas, myths, stories, and concepts – some of which are even contradictory.  These contradictions do not bother them the way they […]

“As India Goes, All of Asia Goes With Her” – 2019

Dr Billy Graham

“As India goes all of Asia goes with her.”  Dr Billy Graham Dr. Billy Graham said this in 1972, during his only crusade in India. India has 1.3 billion people and there are millions of foreign-born Indian Nationals Living in the USA. When adding in all of Asia, this totals about 4.6 billion people. That’s […]

Asians Are Waiting to Know Christ – 2019

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Take a look at this graph. What do you notice? Of the four major ethnic groups on earth, there are fewer Asians are following Christ. In God’s sovereignty, He is turning this problem into one of our greatest opportunities. Today, there are two times more foreign-born Asian Internationals living in the USA than there are […]

Internationals Are Increasing! -2019

Christianity is Global

Did you know that there are two times more Asian Internationals than there are Hispanic Internationals living in the USA? Did you also know that Indian Nationals have increased 500% since 1990? Although immigrant populations decreased from 1910 – 1970, they have dramatically increased from 1980 – 2019. Today, foreign-born internationals account for 13.6% of […]

Why You Need Internationals in Your Church – 2019

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If you are going to reach the community to change the world, then you need to reach internationals. If your church is mostly Americans, then it will attract mostly Americans. Why not make it your mission to reach your community to reach America? We are going to talk about why you need Internationals in your […]

Five Areas in Which Your Church Can Represent Internationals – 2019

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Your community is shifting – Five Areas The number of foreign born internationals in the USA has dramatically increased in the last 20 years. Most likely, your community has changed even in the last five years! Most churches are not aware of this. Is yours? We are going to discuss five areas in which your […]