New Bibles Given to New Believers

New Bibles Given to New Believers Celebrate with us and these brothers in Christ as they publicly professed their faith in Jesus through baptism. New believers receive a Bible that they will keep and study for many years to come. Our partners are requesting more Bibles across India! Please pray about giving a generous gift […]

Glasses Lead to Gospel Outreach

Glasses Lead to Gospel Outreach 100 people received new glasses and heard the gospel in south India as apart of an outreach ministry! This ministry is made possible by those who give generously to GHI! Thank you!​ Give Now

Farmers’ protests India : Tens of thousands join rally in Uttar Pradesh – 2021


Farmers’ protests : Tens of thousands of farmers have gathered in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to protest against new agriculture laws. Farmers’ protests : Local police put the number at over half a million, while an AFP photographer said at least 50,000 farmers and supporters took part. The farmers want state authorities to […]

Covid Hurts India’s Economy

India’s Economy Was Battered by Covid A news article from the New York Times (Sept 1, 2021) Economists predict that growth in India could surge int he second half of the year, on paper. Still, the damage form the pandemic could take years to undo.  Economic output was 9.2 percent lower for the April-through-June period […]

Bibles & Baptisms – 2021

Global Hope India Events

Vasanthi was baptized on Easter! She is from a tribal family near Chennai. Many of our partners received the joy of distributing Bibles for Easter! Sister Amongala distributes Bibles at Deaf Biblical Ministry in Nagaland! Vasanthi was baptized on Easter! She is from a tribal family near Chennai. Pastor Mayon distributed new Bibles at Tashar Baptist Church […]

Church Planted in Chennai – 2019

26th Church Planted in Chennai Celebrate with us: churches planted around Chennai, India! In February 2021, Pastor B and the church congregation near Chennai planted their 26th branch church! If you’ve heard Pastor B’s MCML Podcast Interview, you’ll remember God giving him a vision for planting 20 churches by the year 2020. Where God guides […]

Thanks NC Baptists on Mission! – 2021


  Thanks you NC Baptists on Mission! Thanks to a very generous donation made by a collective contribution from donors at NC Baptists on Mission, several village development projects can now be completed: Our friends at the school in the Tashar Village in Manipur have survived long enough without any form of a bathroom… our […]

Deaf Students in Dimapur Now Have Access to School – 2020

Smart Phones Bring Access to Education for Deaf Students in Village Tekhi, a deaf student studying in Dimapur, India, signs “Dear GHI, Thank you for giving me a new phone. I am a student. Now I will be able to see the video lessons and study. Thank you so much.” Sedevelie (pictured above) is from […]

College Students in Chennai choose Christ – 2020

college students prayed over

College Students in Chennai Choose Christ! University students gather in a village 35 kilometers away from Chennai. Covid-19 has completely haunted their studies as universities are closed. Some of them have managed to get temporary jobs at a nearby manufacturing company to support their families financially. Each of the young adults pictured are from Hindu […]

Bold as a Lion – 2019

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The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1  Devotion When you think of lions, we don’t think of meek creatures. We think of words like strong and courageous. Lions are often referred to in the bible to describe boldness and power. So how can we be as […]