Today we heard from Pastor Bernardshaw in Chennai.

Millions of minorities are stranded throughout India. For instance, in Chennai there are thousands of people from Northeast India who have lost their jobs & homes. Today they have NO food or water. They are frantically trying to get to their homes in Northeast India.

A collation of Northeast states are arranging trains and buses for them to make the 5+ day journey to NE India. Thousands went to the train station but no train came. They tried to return to the places where they were staying but their landlords refused to allow them to return. For days they lived under bridges. Eventually they were transferred to a local college. Now buses are taking them to NE India.

225 people were sent by 12 buses. 850 more people are still at the college waiting for buses over the next 2-3 days. They have no food or water.

This is only a small fraction of the people. Many people are camped out all across Chennai. This is true all across India.

Global Hope India is transferring funds to India daily. We’ve sent funds to Pastor Bernardshaw. He is needing more. He wants to visit more of the migrant camps. Please pray and share. Thank you!