Christmas Impact for the Deaf Blind Ministry

Happy New Year from DBM family. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift! On Christmas, we were able to give gifts to all the Deaf church members and have a Christmas feast after the service. We were also able to send gifts to many deaf who live in different parts of Nagaland, Manipur and Assam and could not come to attend the Church on Christmas. Also, on New Year, we were able to give New year gifts to the Church family and also celebrate with a New Year feast. Thank you for making it all possible for our Deaf family. Thank you for your love in action, which helps the Deaf to understand the previous gift of Christ and Salvation. Your generosity is changing lives and we thank you for that. Thank you for making our Christmas and New Year special and a memorable one. Thank you so much. May the good Lord richly bless your family and ministry in return. Praise God!

-Sister Amangala, Leader of BDM ministry