Dr. Anil & Hospital in Central India Survive 2021

Dear Partners and Friends,

I am so grateful for yet another opportunity to meet you through this annual news update for 2021 from Gotlam. All the staff, children along with their families are safe through the season of COVID 19 pandemic followed by an epidemic of Dengue fever during later part of 2021. 

Health care services at Shalom continued uninterrupted as the second wave was followed by a Dengue epidemic later in the year. The hospital was very busy during August – October with increasing paediatric and general patients as well as a few surgeries for general and gynaecology patients. 

March 2021 marks the completion of 10,000 free cataract (eye) surgeries at Shalom.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the rural & tribal communities in Vizianagaram. My sincere appreciation to the team Shalom for consistently delivering high quality health care services over the years.

Child Development activities – Asha Kiran and Spoorthi continued with interruptions due to the pandemic. We are thankful that all the children and their families were safe through the pandemic.

We were able to continue to support a few families with COVID relief work.  We developed new connections with the Kondavanipalem tribal community as we were able to do some relief work in their village during a fire accident.

Our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your commitment to walk with us through 2021 and especially during the difficult seasons. All the activities could be carried out because of the generous donations and prayer support from partners and friends from Canada, Germany, UK and USA. A big thank you to each one of you for enabling us to press forward in 2021.

In Christ,

Dr Anil

Cost for 1 child in development program per year: 250 USD (school children), 300 USD (college students)

Cost for 1 young person at the Vocational & Community College per year: 250 USD

Cost for 1 cataract surgery: 30 USD