GHI Team:

GHI Team #202 April 28-30, 2021 to Mumbai

  • Date:  April 28-30, 2021
  • Partner:  Pastor M in Mumbai, India
  • Description:  Lead devotions, share testimonies, and minister to women vulnerable to sex trafficking. Lead children’s ministry programs and visit with children via Zoom video chat capabilities
  • Team Budget:  $3,000 (per team, not person) which empowers the Partner in India with necessary equipment to host virtual events. Any funds over the budget benefits the partner’s ministry.
  • Team Size: 1 captain and 2+ participants

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$30 Application Fee should accompany your application and goes toward your team fund.

Team #202 Giving Link

This Team Needs a Team Captain

Team Captain(s) Expectations:
  1. Attends GHI’s virtual orientation
  2. Serves as point person between GHI staff, the team, and the Indian host
  3. Prepares and engages participants
  4. Coordinates communication with trip participants
  5. Moderates/delegates Zoom calls (ONLY adding team members and KNOWN donors/family)
  6. Fosters long-term engagement of pray, give, go

If you would be willing to serve as a team captain please indicate that when completing the application.

About the Team

Each team is made up of the team captain and two or more participants for a minimum of three team members. The team is encouraged to invite all family and friends to pray, give, go too by praying for the team, donating toward the team budget, and also joining the Zoom link. Only team participants need to apply.

Why This Experience?

Why? With well over 1.2 billion people, India is among the largest, poorest, neediest, and most undeveloped countries in the world.

We believe 2021 to be the year of CONNECTION. It’s our mission at GHI to provide more access to the gospel in India. We also believe God is going to use technology to allow individuals who couldn’t go on GHI trips to be able to participate like never before!

Why? Because everyone deserves access to the Gospel and there are a LOT of people (over 1 billion) in India who haven’t heard it!

Sample Team Schedule

The time difference between USA and India means the ideal program time in India falls between 11pm EST and 10am EST therefore most virtual mission teams are for 3 days and include a long break in the middle of the night to rest. Final schedules are set by YOU, your team, and the Indian partner so decide what works for you and we will work to accommodate your schedule. Here’s a sample schedule:

Sample Team Schedule

$3,000 Team Budget

Makes a significant investment for the Indian partner for example: 650 Bibles, Church Construction, Water Projects, Christmas Outreach, VBS Outreach, Medical Supplies, Pastor Support, etc

  • 3 members give/collect $1,000 each
  • 6 members give/collect $500 each
  • 10 members give/collect $300 each
  • 30 members give/collect $100 each
  • You get the picture

What you Should Expect

Team members must be able to join a secured video call on Zoom using their smart phone or computer.

Pray:  Now, during, and after for your team, your Indian partner, the internet to be stable, and for success of your virtual mission event in India.

Give:  God your time, talents, and treasures and work together to give/collect the team budget which makes a significant investment for the Indian partner.

Go:  Commit to go to India virtually. You can’t walk literally through the gates of the partner’s ministry, but you can and should go to India in your mind, heart, and soul. Learn all you can about India. Ask God to bond you together as forever friends with the people of India.

Please note, India (IST) is 9.5 hours head of America’s East Coast (EST). You should expect to be up early or late, depending on when the virtual event is scheduled to take place. You’ll know ahead of time and it will totally be worth adjusting your sleep schedule!

Types of Programs

Programs consist of anything and everything that can be done on Zoom! Programs are set by YOU, your team, and the Indian partner so let us know your willingness and you have to offer and we will work to match that with the needs of one of our partners in India. Here’s a few ideas in alpha order:

  • Business Development
  • Children’s Ministry Leader Development
  • Children’s Programs (Bible stories, Crafts, Music, VBS, etc)
  • Church Planter Training
  • Consulting (Agricultural, Business Development, Engineering, etc)
  • Counseling (Biblical, Marriage, Mental Health)
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership Development
  • Medical Consultations (Nurse visits, Dr visits, Speciality visits)
  • Men’s Discipleship
  • Pastor Training
  • Prayer
  • Preaching/Teaching
  • Skills Training (Cake Decorating, Cooking, Spoken English, etc)
  • Staff Development
  • Testimonies
  • Tutoring (Homework assistance)
  • Women’s Discipleship
  • Worship Leader Development

Resource materials and training provided (or approved) by GHI.

Team Deadlines

  • Team Participants should apply now.
  • Total team budget must be met two weeks prior to the start date in order to ensure our partners in India have adequate time to acquire necessary resources.

Need more info?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Apply Now For This Team or A Future Team

$30 Application Fee should accompany your application and goes toward your team fund.

Team #202 Giving Link