Covid-19 Covid Relief Fund

Give Now: GHI’s Covid-19 Relief Fund

We want to thank everyone who is joining us in standing with India right now through our Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Covid-19 Relief Fund

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. -Psalm 46:1

Right now India is having its share of times of trouble. This week, one news report said ambulances and dead bodies are everywhere. Sadly, our Indian partners are verifying its true. 

A devastating second wave of Covid-19 is ravaging the country. Hospitals and crematoriums are jammed. Imagine seeing loved ones burning their deceased around your city: that’s the reality in India. Oxygen tanks, ventilators, and vaccines have run out. Suicide, unemployment, and starvation are on the rise. It’s truly pitiful.

All of our Indian partners are safe. Even in the midst of crisis, they are taking every opportunity to make Christ known. Please see the insert.

Currently, we can’t go to India but rest assured that Jesus is going to India and is at work in India!

Never underestimate the power or your prayers and generosity financially right now. Both are desperately needed and appreciated. Both are empowering the Church in India to tangibly demonstrate Psalm 46:1 to a hurting world. 

Please share a generous gift online: Covid-19 Relief Fund or by mail to: Global Hope India – 10520 Chapel Hill Rd #330 – Morrisville, NC 27560. Your help is appreciated as we empower the Church in India to make Christ known.