• Each team leader will be issued a personal Indian mobile phone.
  • Any callers from the USA will need to add 011 (country code) in front of the mobile number in order to reach this phone.
  • Once you get a new SIM card you may need to dial *123# call to activate it. India doesn’t use addresses. They travel by landmarks. (see Rickshaw Directions for examples)


  1. States
  2. Districts
  3. Mandal/blocks or sub-districts (approx 20 villages)
  4. Villages


  • There are approximately 70 rupees in $1.
  • 18 rupees are about a quarter.
  • 100 rupees is about $1.50.
  • 500 rupees is about $7.
  • Tips are 10%
  • Beggars WILL approach you for money.  As you are led, consider giving a few rupees to those physically disabled. Don’t give money to children. Help kids be kids. Hi-5 them.  Exchange names. Befriend them, but don’t legitimize their business by giving them money. When possible give them food/candy, but not money.


  • 1st grade – 10th grade = standard
  • 11th – 12th = jr college
  • FY = 1st year
  • SY = 2nd year
  • TY = 3rd year
  • Subjects not majors until 3rd year
  • BA = bottom
  • Arts = competitive
  • BS = medium
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Engineering 
  • Grades = marks
  • Live = where you stay (not town)


  • Cricket
  • Football (soccer)
  • Tennis & badminton 
  • Chess


Their tradition of their Caste system is decided by birth and their skin color. Lighter skin is upper Caste. Darker skin is lower Caste. The more wealth and education the higher the Caste. The more poverty and illiterate they are the lower the Caste.  They are either strict or modern.


  1. Relationships are #1 topic
  2. High value on marriage: 60-70% marriages arranged otherwise called “love marriages” if not arranged. We want to expose them to happy and healthy marriages. Purity.
  3. Youth/students are more dependent on parents. There is no privacy in family life.
  4. Popular Beliefs: Karma, reincarnation, tolerance
  5. Big questions: where does suffering come from? Evil?
  6. Stay away from: comparison of religious beliefs, being pushy, anger – watch out for being baited, watch out for being cornered.