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The Living the Dream podcast by Pastor Kevin White champion’s the scene in Revelation 7:9-12 as people of EVERY nation, tribe, & tongue are gathered together in heaven worshipping Jesus. We champion God strategy to move millions of foreign-born internationals into our communities as part of the Great Commission. We discuss this opportunity to change the world. Join us in Living the Dream.

Hi! I’m Pastor Kevin, Founder and Executive Director of Global Hope India and your host for Living the Dream Podcast. This is where Church staff and volunteers come to get comfortable with the fact that God is bringing the foreign mission field right next door! It is no accident that millions of foreign-born internationals are moving into our communities! (Click Meet Pastor Kevin and check out his whole story.)

On the show, I interview today’s top church leaders from around the world and many amazing internationals so we can learn all we can about reaching internationals with the gospel and partnering with them in the Great Commission.

So, let me ask you: When are you going to India with me? I’m serious! I just returned from my 50th trip to India in 20 years. If I don’t yet hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the most trips to India then I’ve got to be close. I’ve flown over a million miles to 27 different countries. I’ve taken nearly 1,000 people on mission trips to India. We’ve seen thousands of Indian Nationals and Americans radically transformed by God through missions.

Everyone I’ve taken to India has been empowered with 3 of the most enduring words to any international, “I’ve been there”. These 3 powerful words foster trust and relationship like none other.

Living the Dream podcast is a result of 20 years of getting COMFORTABLE with internationals and INTENTIONAL about joining God in His work in their lives. Everything we’ve learned about reaching Indian Nationals is transferable to any international community.

There’s an absence of thought leadership in The Church about including internationals in our outreach. No one is really speaking out about this incredible opportunity to literally change the world! I have been blessed with access to some amazing leaders from around the world. Through Living the Dream podcast, Global Hope India is pleased to offer a wide variety of free tools, resources, and insights that we have compiled from the brilliant insights shared by our very generous guests.

We know how this story ends! Rev 7:9-12 shows us a Church in heaven filled with EVERY nation, tribe, & tongue gathered together worshipping Jesus. Welcome to Living the Dream where we help The Church to be on earth as it is in heaven.

  1. 20 Years of getting Comfortable & Intentional about Including Internationals – Meet Pastor Kevin of Global Hope India
  2. How Indian Nationals have become one of the Largest Minorities – Interview with Town of Morrisville (North Carolina)  Councilman, Steve Rao
  3.  The Word – Not Curries and Saris – An interview with Dr Gary Vet of Hope Community Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  4. From Agnostic to Christian Missionary – An interview with Wendy, a foreign-born international from Vietnam
  5. Who is your Suresh? – Pastor Kevin Confronts the Intimidation and Power of Friendship 
  6. How Indian Nationals have Diversity in their DNA – An interview with a Pastor’s wife in Chennai India
  7. How Foreign-born Internationals can help US Churches to Change the World – An interview with a Pastor in Mumbai India
  8. From No Jesus to Sharing Jesus – An interview with Jenny & Yiming, foreign-born internationals from China
  9. How the Tribes of Northeast India are included in Rev 7:9 – An interview with a Pastor in Nagaland, India
  1. Inclusion not Targeting
  2. Defining Diversity – it is more than the mix between blacks & whites
  3. The Word not Curry & Saris
  4. Representation – The Face of the Community
  5. 5 ways Your Church can Represent Internationals Right Now
  6. 3 Things Your Church can Do to Reach Internationals That Won’t Cost Any Money
  7. 3 Worthy Investments Your Church Should Seriously Consider in order to Effectively Reach Internationals
  8. Knowing Your Numbers: Census show a dramatic increase in foreign born internationals in the last 15 years. The population among Internationals is projected to double in the next 15 years.

The goal of Living the Dream is to help the Church on earth to be as it is in Heaven (Rev 7:9-10).

We do this by documenting how God is sovereignly bringing foreign-born internationals to the USA so they can find Christ and take part in the Great Commission.

We’re here to help you be comfortable including internationals in your outreach and intentional about joining God in His mission to change the world.

The central mission of every church is to reach its community in order to change the world. If American Churches only reach Americans then we only change America. As valuable as that is, Revelation 7:9-12 shows heaven filled with people of every nation, tribe, and tongue worshipping before the throne of Jesus. Unfortunately, there are whole people groups with limited to no access to the gospel. 

According to the Bible these precious souls face a Christless eternity unless someone shares the good news of Jesus with them. Today, God has brought many of these unreached people right next door to us! God forbid the American Church go to heaven and not take these Internationals with us! When our churches reach internationals, they will reach other foreign-born nationals living in the USA and in their homelands. Now that is truly changing the world!