Ben’s Story – Debt and Stewardship

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Episode: 31
Ben shares the story of how a mission trip to Mumbai became a turning point in his life. He talks about the need to be bold and to believe that God is actively answering our hearts’ prayers.
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Ben’s Story – Debt and Stewardship
Ben has traveled to India with Global Hope India. He is a graduate of NC State University and he has a bachelor’s in Science and Secondary Mathematics Education. Ben attends the Summit Church with pastor JD Greear. He’s involved there in the financial coaching ministry as well as their First Impressions. His mom’s philosophy was, “if I force you to do this, it’s not going to be authentic and real” and so Ben was never forced to go to church. It was always a choice and Ben’s choice then was to not go to church most of the time. It was not until he was in high school that things started to change for him. He accepted Christ and started going to church on a regular basis.
Ben has left his teaching job and is a company owner of CMC solutions, a medical supply company. He shares that this turning point felt like the Lord gave him a really hard tug which made him decide to start CMC solutions. He has gone on so many medical mission trips that he really felt the need to provide medical equipment for patients. A percentage of each product sale goes towards supporting an organization. These organizations can then send someone on a mission trip or they provide a product to those who need them. Ben wants his company to be able to give back for what God was so good for.
Ben’s story goes on about how he discovered his financial coach path when he was 26 through his mentor, Blair Graham. Blair showed him how powerful finances were in the Bible and that awoke a discipleship type of heart in him when it came to really trying to lead people. Ben had always loved finances and Blair just really sat down with him and made him digest everything that the Bible had to say about money. What most people don’t realize is that finances, learning to leverage your treasure, your talent, and your time are all intertwined. He then realized how important it was to get that mentality down in people’s hearts. Ben’s story talks about debt and stewardship and how debts can hold people back when they commit before the Lord, in the sense that they will prioritize getting out of debt. He stresses that one can still keep giving and pay off their debts quicker at the same time. It’s a matter of putting God first in everything and giving Him your time. He always tells people that sometimes it looks like God’s not showing up and He shows up in a way that you didn’t expect or it was a lot later than you thought. It is just one of those things that God is going to show up, but God’s not going to show up if you don’t put Him first.
When asked to describe his mission experience in one word, Ben says the word “powerful” comes to mind. He saw so many things that just had to be in God’s power. There was no other explanation, but the Lord was there and He’s all-powerful. The team saw miracles through the healings that took place in the medical clinics. It was one of those things that he had never seen in his whole life. And when he got home, he was just never the same. Because he felt like his prayer life was so shallow and he has this power inside of him that he could tap into. Ben also offered advice to those who want to go on a mission trip and this was to go outside of their comfort zones. For sometimes, it’s not always a verbal calling or a calling from somebody else. It can be completely dark and you won’t know whether you should do it. But you just need to take that step. And then God is going to shine a light on it because He is the light. And He is going to show up.

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Meet Pastor Kevin: Pastor Kevin is Founder and Executive Director of Global Hope India and your host for Missions Changed My Life Podcast. He’s a poor kid from rural North Carolina, but get this… He just returned from his 50th trip to India in 20 years. If he doesn’t yet hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the most trips to India then he’s got to be close. He’s flown over a million miles to 27 different countries. He’s taken nearly 1,000 people on mission trips to India. Global Hope India has seen thousands of Indian Nationals and Americans radically transformed by God through missions. The miracle continues! More about Pastor Kevin.

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Beverly: Listen in as this Corporate Executive shares how God led her to share her story of sexual abuse with students at a government high school in Manipur India and what happened next.

Tadhg: Hear how this 20 year old college student found himself in a grieving family’s home in Chennai India and how all of a sudden he saw God use his brother’s tragic death to comfort others.

Becky: Listen as this former exotic dancer shares how God took her to the Red Light District in Mumbai India to tell hundreds of women, “you are not alone”.

Kyle: Listen how God took Kyle to the mission field in India when he was unemployed in preparation for him 2 years later to be moved to Salt Lake City Utah where only 2% of the population is Christian.

Richard: Hear how God took this mission trip host for a church in Uganda on 2 mission trips to India within 1 year and how it changed his life forever.

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  7. People

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On his first trip to India in 1998 God planted part of his heart there. Now over 20 years later Kevin’s perhaps the only person in the world whose been to India 50 times! (Click Meet Pastor Kevin and check out his whole story.)

Having grown up in a broken and dysfunctional family, Kevin never dreamed he’d be flying over 1 million miles around the world on mission trips. A native of North Carolina, he doesn’t remember any geography lessons about India in school. In 1998 when he first went to India there were no Indian Nationals living in North Carolina. Kevin hoped to have a positive impact on the people of India. Little did he know at the time how God would use India to change his life forever.

Today, Kevin has taken nearly 1,000 people on short-term mission trips to India. Counting these and the team members within The Church in India he has discipled thousands of people during mission trips. 

Pastor Kevin believes that if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ then you are a missionary. You’re either a good one or a bad one. Why not be a good one! Kevin loves missionaries and encouraging them to live on mission for God. Whether you’re preparing for a mission trip, considering going on a mission trip, or are actually on a mission trip, Kevin believes God has spoken a Word just for you!