Medical Ministry

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This can include but is not limited to empowering the local Church to provide free medical clinics. The clinics provide general exams for people to underserved and needy populations. GHI teams have provided everything from a multiple day medical clinic involving multiple Doctors and Nurses to an Individual traveling Doctor with a backpack offering one-on-one care. Medical ministry has included general medicine, pediatric care, minor surgical procedures, dental care, tooth extractions, and vision care with eye exams and reader glasses. Settings have included busy cities and rural villages in everything from sterile operatories to barns, tents, schools, churches, etc.

You do NOT need to be a medical professional to be useful on a medical trip! In fact, for every 1 medical professional, 4 non-medical professionals are needed in supporting role such as praying and passing out Bibles, hanging out with adults and children as they wait, and taking basic vitals in the triage area.

Click here to see what medical ministry teams are heading to India! If you don’t see one that interests you, fill out the “I’m Interested” form and let’s talk about other opportunities!