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Pastor Achu, his wife Achi, and their 2 children
Pastor Achu in Nagaland

Pastor Achu and his wife, Achi lead a village ministry in Northeast India where the empower families to know Jesus.

Burden: Many Hindus and Muslim unreached by the gospel.

Challenge: Leadership deficit and lack of resources.

Need: Pastor’s support in the villages. Education support for orphan’s and poor children. Funding for mission project farm.

Vision: Leadership resource centre for local area, develop missional churches, construct adequate staff housing.

Pastor Amit in Dehradun

Pastor Amit has a burden to reach unreached people group in the Himalayan Mountains and tribes in Northeast India.

Burden: To help pastors in villages.

Challenge: Sharing the gospel through government oppositions and restrictions.

Need: Facility, transportation, Housing for family and family expenses.

Vision: Land for a Christian retreat center.

Pastor Amit and his family
Dr. Anil and his family
Dr. Anil in Central India

Dr. Anil & his wife are both doctors and run a hospital in Central India where they share the Gospel when they have a chance but are consistently and fervently praying over patients and their salvation.

Burden: Children and youth development.

Challenge: Committed and skilled staff.

Need: Construction of 2nd floor onto the hospital.

Vision: Completing the hospital, expand services to include more surgical specialties.

Pastor Bernardshaw in Chennai

Pastor Bernardshaw leads a large network of pastors in and around Chennai. Together, they have started over 25 branch churches in rural villages and minister to families in those communities.

Burden: Church growth and training of young church planters.

Challenge: Taking care of pastors and their families and unity amongst pastors

Need: A vehicle, monthly financial support for pastors, education of their 2 children, vaccines for hundreds in their community, 3 new church buildings

Vision: Train church planters and start a residential Bible school to train youth in their faith

Current Prayer Requests: More people to be added into the Church and spiritual growth of the congregation. Vaccines. A vehicle for ministry use. Churches to be constructed.

Pastor Bernardshaw, Victoria, and their children
Priya and Pastor Manoj
Pastor Manoj in Mumbai

Pastor Manoj & his wife Priya founded and continue to lead Rays of Hope Ministry. This ministry includes a children’s home, tuition center, and a burden to rescue sex trafficking victims from the Red Light District of Mumbai, India.

Burden: To be a holistic mission fulfilling God’s call.

Challenge: To be effective and fruitful in the midst of challenging times.

Need: Stable financial support for ministry and sustainability for family education and health.

Vision: Start Bible School and ASHALAYA branch in Khalapur.

Current Prayer Requests: For sustenance, effectiveness and fruitfulness of our present ministry programs. Provisions for CITY OF HOPE. Priya’s health.

Pastor Mayon in Manipur

Pastor Mayon leads a church in the mountains of Northeast India. The church ministers to those in the community and surrounding areas.

Burden: Disengaged and uninterested Christians.

Challenge: Completion of infrastructure of the church.

Need: Construction of church office and guest house. Care for extended family.

Vision: Healthy families. Each Christian to have their own bible.

Pastor Mayon's family
Pastor Pongom's family
Pastor Pongom in Pune

Pastor Pongom has been the lead pastor at Nagaland Christian Fellowship for many years and they are currently in process of acquiring land for a permanent church building.

Burden: Balancing family and ministry with so many people in need.

Challenge: Church without it’s own facility is unable to find gathering space during pandemic.

Need: Permanent place of worship and fellowship. Land. Facility.

Vision: Successful church building project. Continue to reach the needy in the city.

Pastor Raja in Hyderabad

Pastor Raja & his wife opened their home in 1998 when they could no longer bear to hear the children begging at their door. They now lead a children’s home and church from the same neighborhood.

Burden: Mass unemployment, poverty, and hunger.

Challenge: Day-by-day doors are closing for Gospel. Prayers for victory from satan. Caring for medically fragile amidst Covid-19.

Need: Vaccines, Rice and food to distribute to the helpless

Vision: Food distribution and health clinics for the needy.

Sharee, Raja, and their daughter Rini
Dr. S, Cynthia, and family
Dr. S in Central India

Dr. S and his wife, Cynthia lead a large ministry in Hyderabad, India. They run a fully-accredited school, have created family-style homes for 300+ orphans, and run a large trade school that includes a Bible and church-planters training program.

Burden: Not miss out on those who need to hear the gospel due to Covid shutdowns and political climate

Challenge: Finances under new restrictions and compliances.

Need: Mask & sanitizer, sports facility for the ministry. A laptop for the family.

Vision: School opening in June 2021.  Adding paramedics courses by Oct 2021.

Pastor Sekhar in Vizag

Pastor Sekhar and his wife, Sharon, minister to widows, orphans, and lepers around the Vizag area. The two of them are a powerhouse for the Kingdom and have reached thousands.

Burden: Gospel outreach, conducting conferences and gospel meetings, church planting

Challenge: Making Christ known in virtual environments.

Need: Medical clinics and food for poor families, widows, and orphaned children.

Vision: Soup, Soap, and Salvation – introducing the love of Christ through food (soup) and health (soap). As well as training and equipping pastors and youth for ministry.

Pastor Sekhar & Sharon
Pastor Walling and family
Pastor Walling in Dimapur

Pastor Walling leads DBM (Deaf Blind Ministry) a school for those with hearing impairments in Northeast India. The school impacts hundreds.

Burden: Make Christ known among the deaf.

Challenge: Families with financial problems unable to cover $25/month school fees.

Need: Scholarships for school fees and AC for housing.

Vision: Add high school grades to the school and to see more deaf people in Heaven.

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