Before considering fund-raising ideas please understand NOTHING can ever replace you looking eye-to-eye with someone and asking them to support you on your mission trip!

In the history of Global Hope India hundreds of travelers to India have collected millions for mission through support raising letters! Sending out letters IS the most effective means of raising support!

Aside from sending our support raising letters, there are many great ways to raise funds for your missions trip, the key is to be on the lookout for creative ideas. Here are some possible suggestions:

  1. Adopt a Box
  2. Hold a spirit night at a local restaurant (Chick-Fil-A, Chili’s, and other local restaurants)
  3. Do work for fundraising (people are more willing to contribute when they know it is for a good cause, so advertise that this is what the money is going to)
  4. Babysitting
  5.  Yard work/ construction/ painting
  6. House/ pet sit
  7. Organizing/ cleaning/ decorating
  8.  Offer to make a home cooked meal for a family if you like to cook
  9.  Hold a class that teaches other people a skill that you have (ex. Coupon Class)
  10.  Car wash
  11. Sell discount coupon cards (VIP cards)
  12. Organize an Art event
  13. Hold a lemonade stand/ bake sale (or a Bake Off bake sale/ competition)
  14. Sell Threads of Hope bracelets (
  15. Make a craft/ build something and sell it
  16. Make a sacrifice in your daily routine (make your own lunch, don’t upgrade to the new TV, buy clothes at a second hand store…) and put that money towards your trip
  17. Hold a Raffle (collect donations from stores, sell to friends and family members)
  18. Hold a Yard sale (neighborhood or entire team yard sale)

Please understand that GHI is not equipped to organize fundraisers for every team and team member. We do however empower you to represent GHI in approaching businesses, etc on behalf of the non-profit so long as ALL proceeds are 100% for GHI sponsored trips/programs. This means we will provide letterhead and infrastructure you need to make your fundraiser successful. You must assume responsibility for planning and carrying out the fundraiser. 

Never forget…

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Where God guides He provides!