Pastor Chris Hankins on His Church Plant/Multiplication Vision

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Episode: 26
Pastor Chris Hankins shares the story of Point Church and how God continues to inspire him to be multinational. He talks about how Pointers International has become an incubator for international churches. He also explains how he got caught by the police for jumping off a bridge.
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Pastor Chris Hankins on His Church Plant/Multiplication Vision
Pastor Chris is from Apex, North Carolina. He’s one of the few people in our area who is actually born and raised in North Carolina. He and his wife Jennifer have been married for 13 years and have 2 biological children: a son and a daughter; and they are involved in a foster-to-adopt journey with a 6-year old boy. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication from NC State and he holds a Masters in Arts in Christian Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chris is the lead pastor of the Point Church with campuses across the Triangle North Carolina region.
He became a youth pastor when he went to Southeastern Seminary. He realized that he enjoyed discipling and raising up adult leaders, and this is how God began to change his heart. He started to really get to know a lot of other churches and he thought a lot of people plant churches because they don’t like their church. And it was the exact opposite for him. He loved the church. And he loved the church he was serving at. They planted a church because they loved the church and wanted to take all the best things from all the best churches they knew and put them into one.
In September 2010, they had their very first service at Mission Valley movie theater across the street from NC State. It has been an incredible journey for Pastor Chris since then as it has been a journey of faith and of following God into places that he never imagined. The church started with just 15 people but within 18 months, they sent 50 people to Apex, North Carolina to plant their second church. That began a church planting and multiplication journey. From the beginning, he had the vision to plant churches in every major community in the Triangle. At first, he had assumed that the churches would all be in English, but God had better plans. They now have four Spanish churches as they continue that multiplication vision.

Their multiplication vision did not stop there though. With the help of Sammy, they fulfilled their dream of reaching families of different people, groups and languages, began offering Bible studies and services, and then churches in their heart language. One of their governing values as a church is to intentionally pursue diversity. They commit to having a heart for all demographics and allowing people to best hear the gospel through their heart language. He has seen God bring people and leaders to be a part of the movement of God to reach the nations through Point Church. Pastor Chris believes that statistics have shown that church planting is the most effective method of evangelism. And that’s why they are about church planting and multiplication in multiple languages because they want to get Jesus Christ to every major people group, and every major community in the Triangle.

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