David Opuku: Coming to America to Find the Gospel

Season: 1
Episode: 22
David shares the story of his journey to America from Ghana, where he lived in a very underresourced community without any relationship with Jesus to his arrival in America with $150 and a dream that led him to become successful in business and find a relationship with Jesus. However, David felt compelled to go back to Ghana to reach students who, like him, didn’t understand the Gospel.
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David Opuku – Coming to America to Find the Gospel
David Opoku is a native of Ghana. He and his beautiful wife have five lovely children. David holds a master’s in business administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. He attends Elevation Church, the Morrisville campus. He works at Ecodyst as the marketing and business development manager, he is known for his million-dollar smile and his favorite saying, “it is well.” When you meet him, you want to make sure you ask him about the pet lion he had as a kid.

David grew up in a neighborhood in Ghana that was very underprivileged, most of the people in his neighborhood were prostitutes and drug dealers. He went to church but was not a Christian. He got kicked out of high school and somehow made it to college. His first three years of college he only went to church once, and that was to chase a girl.

He moved to the US after college and had big dreams and $150 as a camp counselor. David shares his incredible journey of his early days in the US. Achieving dreams he felt were unattainable in Ghana like owning a car and getting a job. He moved to Atlanta and described the way he felt was in the party mode, like a freed slave, he was working and making thousands of dollars.

Getting his permanent residency ended up taking seven years. It came to the point that he knew it was only God who could do it. He had big plans after he got his greencard to travel and party. There was a part of him that realized it was God’s way of calling him to get right with him, but another part of him just wanted to keep partying.

One night in 2008 he was sitting in a night club and he heard a voice ask “Why do you keep coming here?” He prayed a prayer at the bar and asked God if he got him home safely he would give his life to him. He went to sleep drunk, but for some reason he knew he was born again. He poured out all his liquor felt completely changed.

The next time he was up to get his green card it was so easy. Looking back he feels that it was God’s plan to keep him from getting his green card until he gave his life to Christ to help save him from himself.

He found a church in Atlanta and became “on-fire-for God” and his church was big on finding your purpose. So he asked God to reveal his purpose in life.

“When I look in my life, where I would have ended up if I had stayed in Ghana versus being here, I knew God brought me here to become a born again.” – David Opoku


“Coming to America to Find the Gospel” is part one of two of David’s story!


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