Pastor A. – The value of investing in missions

Season: 1
Episode: 15
Pastor A. has spent nearly 20 years in ministry in India. He shares his experience in working in the mainland and in Nagaland and some of the cultural differences between these two areas. Pastor A. is a sending church and they send missionaries to various countries and it’s was an honor to speak with him.
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Episode 15: Pastor A. – The value of investing in missions

We were literally calling into the Hills of the Himalayan mountains, in the state of Nagaland, India, to one of Global Hope India’s longterm vetted partners for this special episode.

We talk about the history of the Gospel coming to India and how it impacted the areas of India where Pastor A. serves with his church.

When Pastor A. took over as pastor the church was struggling. They were not even able to pay a modest salary, but it was at this point that they decided to become a sending church and work to send missionaries to other areas. Pastor A. forego his meager salary in order to support a missionary. It was not a convenient or easy time to do it, but they really believed it to be their responsibility.

Pastor A. believes that this commitment to send was a large part of the reason that they grew from 70 people to 1,000 people over the course of a couple of years.

It wasn’t long after they started to see a positive impact in their church that Pastor A. took over the leadership for 64 churches. He put together a pastor’s conference in his hometown. One of the biggest churches in his tribe’s Pastor was inspired by the message and began to talk about missions. He organized a mission’s conference in his church and invited all the pastors.

This led to them starting churches and homes in areas with no Christian churches and starting to see an amazing transformation!

We asked Pastor A. why the churches in the US should be looking to find an identifiable strategy to be reaching the internationals in their community. His response was in looking at the history of sending churches that the US has done an incredible job. Now it is more and more common for people from other countries to go to the US either for education, work, or family that God is demonstrating his trust in the US church by sending the mission field to them.

He noted that God has sent many people to their church from other countries and it is an honor to share the Gospel with them and how many of them have received the Gospel and been baptized and gone back to their own countries.

He believes that there will be a huge change in the US if the churches in the US will rise up and see the millions of people from India who have moved to their communities and have no idea what the Gospel is.


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