It is The Word – Jenny & Yiming – Part 1

Season: 1
Episode: 13
Jenny shares her story of growing up in China, coming to the US for her Master’s Degree where she was exposed to the Gospel for the first time. She shares about the importance of the Bible in her conversion and how if you want to reach foreign-born internationals in your community you should focus on the Word! She also shares about how she and her husband were married and set us up to hear his story in part two of this episode.
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It is The Word – Jenny & Yiming – Part 1

Jenny shared her experience of growing up in a poor family in China to a college student in the US.

Whether a family has financial means or not, being a foreign-born international student coming to the USA is a transition filled with humility and vulnerability for many students.

When asked about what she remembers of Christianity being raised in China, she mentioned that there was very little awareness of Christianity. She remembers a Christmas celebration and some people mentioning it, but very little exposure to the Gospel. In China, the Gospel is restricted and even edited out of public schools, news, and communication channels.

Jenny was invited to Christmas dinner by her mailman and was given the opportunity to go to church with other international students and study the Bible. It was through reading the Bible that she started to feel a spiritual awakening. She also had a roommate at Auburn that she looked up to as a spiritual person that really drew her to continue to read the Bible.

Kevin shares that at GHI they often get accused of going to India to try to convert people, but he believes that he has never converted anyone. A person’s decision to follow Christ is between God and them. We should strive to make Christ attractive in the way we live our lives.

“One of the points of our show is just to encourage our listeners to honor God’s process, because a lot of times we think of evangelism as talking to someone about their need for Christ and praying with them at that very same moment, almost like drive-through Gospel. And, God doesn’t always move like that.” – Kevin


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