Living The Dream Is Becoming Audacious Generosity

Season: 1
Episode: 53
In today’s episode, we have an important announcement to make. We will be transitioning the Living The Dream podcast to Audacious Generosity podcast.
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Full Show Notes

The Living The Dream podcast was created to share the message that God is crossing the world from nation to nation and the foreign born internationals living anywhere is a member of God’s Church, regardless of who they are, where they came from or where they currently are residing. COVID-19 may have put a stop to international travel but the day will come when international travel will resume. This will mean that people will begin to migrate once more and foreign born internationals will continue to move. All of these people are a member of your community, they belong here and God guided them to where they currently are, the same way that God has guided you to the same place as well. That is Living the Dream podcast’s main message to everyone. God’s Church is a church of every nation, every tribe, every tongue who worships the throne of our Lord, Jesus Christ and Heaven.

Living The Dream podcast will be transitioning to Audacious Generosity podcast and, in Audacious Generosity podcast, we celebrate giving without the pressure to give. Audacious Generosity is where God is the Giver and giving depends on what God puts into our hands. We all have that innate desire to be more generous but we don’t know how. What’s worse is that most of us feel like we have nothing left to give and that fear of failure is what keeps us from being generous. We are overwhelmed by the pressure of having to give even when we are maxed out financially or we are already overbooked and the frustration we feel comes from the endless sense that we ought to give more even though we cannot see a clear path of how to become more generous. But it doesn’t have to be that way. God’s strategy is through audacious generosity and nothing shows this more than John 3:16. God’s plan has always been Jesus and his strategy has always been Audacious Generosity. It is because of this that we are transitioning from Living the Dream podcast to Audacious Generosity podcast.

This does not mean that it will invalidate our mission in Living the Dream podcast. We will continue to champion the message that there is a great need to reach the foreign born international just like in the Living the Dream podcast but it is also invaluable that we understand God’s strategy. With both the message and the understanding of God’s strategy, we will be able to move forward and carry the message successfully.

Because of this, beginning the 3rd of November, Living the Dream podcast will transition to Audacious Generosity Podcast. No need to move, no need to resubscribe, all you need to do is to continue to listen and we hope that you will share each and every episode. Encourage everyone to get on board with the revolution of audacious generosity. This is where we will gather as believers in the Lord, Jesus Christ around the world to fulfill the great mission. Not just here in the United State, not just in India but to every corner of the world.


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