Receiving Missionaries then Becoming a Missionary

Season: 1
Episode: 52
In this episode celebrating the first year of Living the Dream podcast, we meet Mary as she shares her story of how she became active in missions and how the missionaries in her childhood helped guide her to her own missionary work.
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From Receiving Missionaries to Becoming a Missionary – Mary Baker’s Story
Mary was born in Ghana and is currently living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was born into a Christian family and she went to a public Muslim school when she was young. In that school, there would be a period when her Muslim schoolmates would learn about the Koran adn their religion while the non-Muslim students would be visited by missionaries from United States. It was during those periods that the missionaries would teach about the bible and preach the gospel, teaching the Word of God. She became interested as, even though she was born into a Christian family, she wanted to learn more about the Bible and about the Word of God.

Even if one was born from a Christian family, with Christian grandparents and parents, it does not mean that they are Christians. To become a real Christian, we must make the conscious decision to give our life to Christ and be born again.

For Mary, it was a slow but rewarding process. She grew up learning the scriptures, remembering the songs and committing to memory the teaching the missionaries have given to them. Even after they had changed their home, those lessons stayed in her heart. It was a seed that she had nurtured as it kept growing and growing. It was when she was around 20 years old that she really dedicated her life to Christ. It was when she came to India for the first time and saw the missionaries there that she realized that she wanted to be one, it was her calling to be a missionary.  When she was still working, she would use her vacation time to go on a mission trip for she knew that God gave her this free time from her job so that she could have more time for missions.

God brought the missionaries into her life and allowed her to take a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ, not by just being labeled as a member of a Christian family but by being born again as a follower of Christ. Mary is a true description of a missionary. She was guided into this life when God sent the missionaries to her when she was a child and, now, she welcomes God’s plan to send her to be a missionary to others.

With this, the cycle goes on. One person that has been touched by the word of God and His love would pass that one to another person. And this person will hopefully touch another person’s life and open their eyes to God’s everlasting love. That is what it means to be a missionary.


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