Welcome the Foreigners

Season: 1
Episode: 45
In this episode, we discuss how internationals live sent and why internationals are foreigners and it is a principle that every one of us needs to understand and appreciate.
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Welcome the Foreigners

God calls us to welcome the foreigners as even Jesus was a foreigner. Foreigners live sent to begin with. We listen to Pastor Joe Jones as he shares the story of a foreign born international who came to the USA and returned to his homeland as an ambassador for the gospel. In this story, we see the hand of God partnering with them to fulfill the great commission.

We dive into the reality that internationals live sent and there are four reasons why we need to appreciate this: we are called to welcome the foreigners, we are called to live as foreigners, Jesus Himself was a foreigner, and foreigners live sent. Throughout the scripture and history, one driving principle has been to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, your mind, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. We need to understand that God is saying that there should be no difference whether they are born in the local land or not – they should be considered equal. There is no difference for the people of God.

The church in heaven should give us a representation of what our church in the US should look like. God is bringing the various expressions of the body of Christ to be one church, the big C church. We can not just bypass the foreigners on our way to church and take the gospel to the people who have been born in the local area and not be sensitive to those that have not been born in the local area.

There is a lot of scripture that needs to be set as a foundation for this concept of why foreigners live sent. It begins with us understanding that God has been mixing nations from the very beginning. And this history of having pockets of where there was a melting pot in various metropolitan areas and urban areas around the globe is now coming to a place where the entire planet earth is a melting pot of nationalities. As we begin to welcome the foreigner, welcome the stranger, welcome the alien, welcome those that are not born in the local area, we will see the value that God puts upon the foreigners in that they have been brought by God with a message.