What Face Do You See?

Season: 1
Episode: 41
I remember as a child when New York City and Los Angeles were referred to as the melting pot of the world. Well, that pot has gotten a lot larger. That pot is called the United States and it’s happening globally as a result of the opportunity, the gift, and the blessing of being able to get on a plane, travel, and acquire passports and visas. And so today, In 2020, we find that the face of the community in which we lived has changed.
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In this episode, we look at this question and deep dive into one of the teaching points of this program. Do you see the face of your community? The representation of community has changed even if you are in rural North Carolina, because of what’s happened with the “Me Too” movement, with the Coronavirus, with the racial injustice, and there has been a call for change. Of all the foreign-born immigrants that have been moving into the USA, the numbers have doubled and in some places tripled and quadrupled the number of foreign-born internationals living inside of our communities.
We are now no longer just seeing a mix of blacks and whites, we are now seeing the mix of the world coming together. And so today in 2020, we find that the face of the community in which we lived has changed. Today, we are seeing churches that used to be predominantly white now becoming a representation of a global mixture. Churches that used to be predominantly black are now a representation of a global mixture. We need to look at our community and ask this question, “Is our church here on earth representing the church in heaven?”
We also need to pay attention to the value of just becoming friends with a foreign-born international. God has allowed them to come to our home, the USA, to our nation, and we have an opportunity to know their name. We have an opportunity to recognize their faces. This word “face” is something that we are confined to. We need to really see the value of the faces that God is allowing our eyes to see. Do you see the face of your community?
With every person, the foreign-born internationals in our community have a name. They have a face, they have a value to God, God created them. Jesus died for them. God loves them. It’s within His sovereign plan that they are in our community, that they are here. They all have a name. They all have a story. They all have a life. They all have a face and we serve a savior that has identified Himself like a shepherd who would know His sheep. They would know His voice. We should know a foreign-born International’s voice. We should have a name. We should know the face. We should have a relationship with them as our savior would desire that they would know Him.
Do you see the face of your community? I believe you do.

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