You Belong Here

Season: 1
Episode: 51
The word of God makes it clear that the soil we are standing on, the land we are living on, whether it is where we were born on or where we are currently living on, belongs to Him. This is His earth, His land, and we are His people, regardless of the differences we may have between one another. Whether we are foreign born or not, we all belong with Him.
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Regardless of where we were born, where we are living right now and the circumstances that brought us to our current destination, we are all living in His earth, His land. He comes to us as the sovereign Lord King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He welcomes us to life and wants us to choose life, to us Him as Savior and Lord. He is a God that comes to welcome us and has done everything He needs to do for all of us to have access to Him.

Even though, as the bible has said clearly, that we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of our God, still He loves us so much that He gave His one and only son, Jesus, so that we  have access to the Almighty guide. It is thru His death that we have been given the ability to live, to know that we can have forgiveness for our sins. As we put our faith in the Lord, in Jesus Christ, in doing so we are welcomed. The fear of wrath has been eliminated and we are given freedom to go boldly in the presence of God. And our creator, the lover of all our souls, declares to us that we belong here. We belong in His family, we belong as His children, as citizens of Heaven. Whether we are foreign born or not, we all belong here in His land, in the presence of His love. You didn’t choose to be here, you were chosen by the sovereign plan of the Almighty God and brought here.

If all the followers of Jesus Christ would rise up and go out this week to say to each single international you meet while looking at them in the eye, just say three words.

You belong here.

You’re welcome here.

You’re accepted here.

You’re wanted here.

You’re needed here.

Those three words are the same ones that God has graciously said to all of us and we should do everything we can to repeat those three words to as many people we can possibly tell it to, to your community, to everyone, not just the foreign born.

For no matter where we may come from, where we may be at this very moment, we are where God wants us to be and where we are needed to be. We are where we are welcomed because everywhere belongs to God Himself and He welcomes us all. No matter what hardship we may face, no matter what harsh words and deeds we may experience, do not forget.

You are welcomed here.

You are needed here.

You are loved.


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