Praise Report

In the midst of the chaos of 2020, we always want to be sure to give glory to our Creator, Provider, Comforter, and the ONE who is in control: our Heavenly Father. Thank you God for allowing us to be apart of the work you are doing in India and across the world. Continue to use us in the years to come. Until everyone has access to hear the gospel… Amen!

So Far in 2020:

  • Our Church Partner in Chennai started church number 23. This congregation meets in the courtyard of a home in a village where Christians cannot meet publicly by law. 
  • We witnessed God answer prayers many of our team members fervently prayed while walking through the brothel-lined streets of Mumbai as the Red Light District closed due to COVID.
  • 105+ grocery kits have been given to women who are victims of sex-trafficking in the Red Light District of Mumbai. One grocery kit feeds a woman and her children for one month. 
  • A GHI medical missions team, which included 8 native-born Indians and 4 Americans, started out 2020 in Mumbai, treating, diagnosing, and praying for thousands of people.
  • Both Living the Dream and Missions Changed My Life podcasts are growing in listeners and ministering to hundreds each week.
  • Dozens of GHI trip alumni have shared how missions have changed their lives on the MCML podcast – thank you!
  • Audacious Generosity Podcast launched in November
  • Our COVID-19 Relief fund helped purchase dozens of infrared thermometers, reusable face masks, and bottles of hand sanitizer for The Church in India to reopen safely. 
  • We were able to ease the burden of our Church Partners all across India, from Pune to Hyderabad and Chennai, while India was on full lockdown. Hundreds of meal kits were distributed to starving migrant workers. Funds are still being sent as we receive them.
  • Thousands of reusable masks, hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizers, and dozens of infrared thermometers were purchased so that church services could resume safely across India.
  • Prayers were prayed and answered as a pastor, his wife, and his father (elderly) all recovered fully from COVID-19.
  • Four of our partners’ (Pastor A in Dehradun, Mallesh in Hyderabad, Pastor M in Manipur, & Pastor P in Pune) welcomed new beautiful babies into their families! 
  • A teacher in the leper colony outside of Hyderabad has recovered from COVID-19.
  • GHI’s monthly Call to Prayer began and we continue to gather via phone on the third Tuesday of every month to join in prayer!
  • Mobile phones were purchased for three hearing-impaired students in Dimapur who otherwise couldn’t attend virtual learning (school) when COVID-19 closed schools in Mumbai.
  • Pastor M’s wife, Priya, in Mumbai is battling cancer and has had very little symptoms. Oh, and did we mention that through several of you, God paid Priya’s medical bill in full?!
  • Mahesh, an orphan who grew up in Raja’s home in Hyderabad was accepted into an Engineering College in Delhi, and through two generous donors – his first TWO years of college are paid in full!

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Kevin White is a Christian pastor, international speaker, and an international best-selling author. As a writer, Kevin’s newest book, Audacious Generosity, is a best new Christian Book of 2020. Audacious Generosity was an instant international best seller in India and the United States of America. Audacious Generosity is the New Book to Read in 2021. Look for it among Christianity books on Amazon and everywhere books are sold. Kevin’s why for life is to extend access to Jesus to all people world-wide. Kevin loves to motivate people how to encounter the presence of God in their everyday life.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kevin has started and helped start hundreds of businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Kevin is an expert in church leadership and business development. Kevin’s shepherd’s heart can be seen in his speaking and writing. He integrates Biblical principles and worship into everything he does. Kevin’s strategy is to help people transform into the likeness of Jesus. Find more from Kevin White including his blogpodcast showsYouTube Channel, and Generously Blessed 1MM One Minute Motivational Series at
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Kevin is Founder and Executive Director of Global Hope India

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Kevin White is the Founder/Executive Director of Global Hope India, a Christian mission organization focused on sharing the gospel in India and among Indian Nationals world-wide. We facilitate virtual mission teams to India and short-term mission teams in-person in India. These teams empower the church in India with pastoral training, youth pastor training, children’s ministry, church planting strategy, church planting ministry, and medical missions.
Global Hope India is a Christian charity that raises funds for India. 92% of every dollar given benefits gospel outreach projects in India such as church planting, orphan care, clean water projects, bibles, medical clinics, etc. Our partners in India serve the Baptist mission in India, Church of God in India as well as independent Christian churches. We do one thing – advance the gospel in India. We do it in one way – through the local church in India. Join us today by praying for India, giving to God’s work in India and going virtually or in person to make disciples in India. Find out more information at

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