Kel: Proclaiming the Gospel to the Unreached Places

Since 1985, Pastor K. Zakkariah has been working in proclaiming the Gospel and doing missionary work. SHM, his ministry, has the mission to transform the lives of people through baptism and continuous Scripture teachings.

Pastor K. Zakkariah, also a social reformer, sees not only the spiritual well-being of the people but also the totality of their humanity. SHM (KEL Home), his ministry, makes sure that they are contributing to the comfort and needs of poor children, widows, street children and Gospel workers. 

Aside from distributing the Bible to communities, SHM also distributes food, blankets and other necessities for children and widows to ensure that the missionary work is complete. 

The mission church is growing immensely and what a blessing it is for Pastor K. Zakkariah that his eldest son, Abraham Lincoln, is now helping him in fulfilling the mission. He asks nothing but prayers for his son to be a faithful and good shepherd in the future.

With this growth, Pastor K. Zakkariah sees the need for training programs for church planting, together with the construction of the church. The Holy Bible translated into Telegu is also needed to help people understand the teachings and words of God. While fulfilling his mission of proclaiming the Gospel to unreached places, means of transportation are also needed since transportation is a challenge in these areas.  Meeting these needs will help pastors expand their missionary work of proclaiming the good news of God.

In his most recent evangelization, Pastor K. Zakkariah has baptized 30 people and now lives a blessed life in Christ.

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