Shepherd's House

Shepherd’s House is a project in Northeast India to provide housing and a ministry center to Canary and his family. The project is led by Barbara from North Carolina. Thanks for your support!

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Shepherd's House with Canery
Shepherd's House with Canery

Special Message from Barbara…

I have been an entrepreneur for over four decades. My passion has been helping people and businesses create, implement and sustain systems so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives without disorganization and overwhelm!

I began my career in the residential organizing industry in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Often referred to as the “Paper Tiger Lady” from my bestselling book Taming the Paper Tiger, I founded Productive Environment Institute to train and certify consultants in my unique organizing methodology to become Certified Productive Environment Specialists. My most recent book, Less Clutter More Life, reveals that physical and digital clutter is a symptom of emotional and spiritual clutter. 

At the end of my LinkedIn profile, I put the statement: “As a follower of Jesus Christ, I hope that others will feel His love through my company and me, whether we ever mention His name.” As a result of my declaration, in March 2020, I connected with Leivon Canary Kom, whom I call “Canary.” He said that he believed God had called him to be a pastor, but he had no resources. While many of the people who reach out to me are scammers, my heart told me that this man was honorable. 

I lived in India with my first husband for almost five years in the 1970s and adopted three orphan children, ages 2, 3, and 4, who are now adults living in the US, so I have always had a heart for India. Canary and I began a conversation several times a week in which I learned about his family that has become my family.

I asked Canary to share his story with me, and I would love for you to hear Canary tell his story himself, but the internet service is not reliable enough to make that possible. So I want to read it to you. As you listen, keep in mind, he taught himself English! 

From Canary…

My name is Canary. I am from Manipur, India. I belong to the Kom tribe. I was born on March 19, 1985. I am married and have three kids. All are boys. The first boy’s name is Matthew. The second boy’s name is Mark. And the third boy’s name is Baruch. My wife’s name is Somila that means ‘blessed female’ in her native language.

At age three, my mother began to teach me the basic skills of reading and writing Manipuri. Sometimes my father would teach me, too. I didn’t study from Grade 1 to 4 due to my parents’ extreme poverty.

At age 5, I began my schooling directly in Grade 5 on passing a test in a private school. 

And six months later, I dropped out of school due to my parents’ inability to pay my school bill. 

And nine years later, I studied again in the same old school in the hopes that I would be able to work for the kingdom of God in the future. By then, I got enrolled directly in Grade 9 on passing a test.

I passed my 10th Grade Exam in the year 2000. But unfortunately, my parents’ financial situation never improved. I had no other choice than to drop out of college while studying in Grade 11. From then on, I quit college forever, and what I desired to be as a student was lost. And yet, I continued to teach myself through voracious reading under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and still do so. And miraculously, I could read and understand the English Bible in King James Version within three weeks since learning. And this happened before I began going to school.

I live below the poverty line in the bush. That’s why I had no choice but to live a poor local traditional life. And that’s why I couldn’t come up in life at the wrong time at the wrong place. Nevertheless, I know for a fact that God has never forsaken me.

We are so grateful to God that we are now able to live a global life, in the sense that we can connect with His people from all around the world through technology, besides living a miserable local traditional life and that we are most confident that we will be able to live a heavenly life as well. 

And above all, we are so thankful that everything in our physical and spiritual life has changed into meaningful, purposeful, hopeful, and joyful beings ever since we met Mom Barbara Hemphill Taylor! She’s the one that gave us hope to live a physical and spiritual life in parallel, leading us from hopeless situations through hopeful situations. We are beyond blessed and honored to be part of her amazing family and good friends!

One of the principal values of the company I built, based on Biblical principles, is “Together We Are Better!” Canary’s dream of spreading the gospel in India has become my dream, but I can’t do it alone. Will you join me?

Meet Canery!

Meet Canery, take a tour of the location, and meet the children…