100 Years in Manipur

In December 2023, we joyously anticipate the commemoration of a significant milestone for Tashar Baptist Church (TBC) in Manipur, India. This celebration marks our partner church’s remarkable 100 years of dedicated ministry in Manipur, a testament to its enduring commitment to faith and community.

Situated in the village of Tashar, also recognized as Tushar/Tushen, TBC is an integral part of the spiritual landscape in the southwestern region of Ukhrul, Manipur state. In this close-knit village, comprising 615 households and three churches, TBC stands out with 388 families actively participating in its congregation. Upholding the motto “Abiding in Christ,” TBC boasts a substantial membership, with 10,293 baptized individuals.

Despite the challenges posed by the pervasive influence of a town-city-centered lifestyle, TBC remains resilient, with half of its total members actively engaged in village life. As we approach the Centenary Anniversary, let us join together in extending heartfelt congratulations to Pastor Mayon and the entire Tashar Baptist Church community for their century-long journey of faith, service, and spiritual impact.


Christianity in this village began through a lower primary school. In 1923, 23 students believed in Jesus and received water baptism on May 27. However, they could not establish a church immediately because the opposition and imposition from the village authority were too strong. They could hardly have unorganized fellowship. Still then, the work of the Holy Spirit was unceasingly working amongst the villagers. Mr. Sw Mahaphan, an influential person in the village happened to be the chosen person to further and strengthen this cause. This was uniquely revealed after a long gap of 13 years through a snake bite. He insisted one of the formerly baptized persons, namely AS Luishang lead the small congregation of believers. The two leaders were assisted by AS Machung. So, these trio leaders are acknowledged as the pioneers of the church.


Earlier, the Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1990 counting the year from the establishment of the physical church (administration). However, realizing the significance of the year of their baptism, the congregation unanimously resolved that taking the baptismal year (1923) as the starting year of Christianity in the village was the correct reckoning. Therefore, the TBC celebrates 100 years of gospel on 13 & 14 December 2023 under the theme Hamkasang which means “Submission”. The Centennial Celebration is the expression of the glory of the submission to the lordship of God by the people. Submission to God is not a sign of weakness. It is rather victorious and futuristic. We do not submit only to God but also to one another. This is our expressed strength of faith in and through Jesus Christ. Submission to God and to each other. 

We have invited some 90 churches to this celebration. We are expecting our sisters and aunts who have married to those who are not members of TBC and their families to join us.

We celebrate the first Centennial Jubilee for God, not for ourselves.

Celebrating this Centennial Jubilee is not on account of our goodness and righteousness. But it is a proof of God’s ever-abiding presence with us and that our sins are completely forgiven. In the face of failure to keep up God’s desired standard, God never forsakes us. If God strictly, without grace and mercy, treated us, we wouldn’t have such a joyous celebration because starting from the first converts, we fail to maintain the holy standard. Some of the first converts backslid and returned after more than two decades; some never even returned to the church. We pray that the shame of backsliding and neglecting the lordship of Christ was just an event of the past. It would not repeat in our days and even the generations to come. To fulfill this dream, each of us must cling to the teachings of God practically.


With the dawn of Christianity, education permeates every household boosting the literacy percentage to a much higher level. The church history carries at least the names of 27 persons who had completed theological diplomas or degree courses. Out of six ordained ministers, two went ahead to the heavenly abode and four of them are engaged in pastoral and missional ministries. The genesis of TBC is traced back to the establishment of a lower primary school. Correspondingly, TBC is supporting a mission school named Elim School up to standard 10. Besides, we support other smaller churches, fellowships, and ministries. The deacon board visits each year for fellowship with those who are in Imphal and Ukhrul. The infrastructure of our church as the index of our spiritual level reveals growing; more permanent structures begin to appear. It is God’s doing through the members. The contributions through Global Hope India are highly valued.

In conclusion, I acknowledge God’s leadership and the humility of the congregation. By abiding in Christ, our vertical relationship is rooted deeper and the horizontal relationship is improved much. The church prepares a brighter future for children and a happy ending for the aged. 

May God ever remain glorious through our submission! 

Mayonsing Moinao


Tashar Baptist Church



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