Achu’s Mission to Educate to Form and Transform the Future

Since 1949, the ministry of Chang Baptist Churches Association has been actively doing the missionary work of church planting and discipleship. Education has been their primary ministry in society.

Rev. Achu Chang, a former youth pastor, social worker, and entrepreneur, is the current Executive Secretary and Pastor of Chang Baptist Churches Association. He is closely monitoring the spiritual needs of the congregation and the welfare of the students and faculties in their theological school and college.

The church also sends missionaries to Myanmar, the Indo-Bhudan border, and Assam with the mission of proclaiming God’s Kingdom and helping the needs of orphans, students, farmers, and the underprivileged in the communities they minister.

To continue the mission of sharing the Good News, Rev. Achu Chang sees that church planting, discipleship, and pastor training will pave the way for its fulfillment. At the same time, focusing on education and livelihood programs will ensure a better future for the communities. 

Recently, with the help of Global Hope India, two faculty members were hired at Weshen Theological College. The new teachers are very committed to guiding and teaching the students of the college and this will make a huge impact on the student’s lives. 

Chang Baptist Churches Association continuously seeks your prayers and support for the sustenance of the two newly hired teachers and the 12 orphan children’s tuition fees for one academic year.

If you are led to donate, you may send it online or if you’d prefer to give by check please make it payable to and mail it to:

Global Hope India
8045 Arco Corporate Drive STE 130
Raleigh, NC 27617