DBM: Empowering Deaf Individuals Through a Physical, Mental and Spiritual Approach

DBM (Deaf Biblical Ministry) is located in the city of Dimapur, in the Indian state of Nagaland. Established in 1987, it became the pioneer school for the Deaf in India and the only Deaf Church in North East India. To date, a Vocation Training Center has been built to help Deaf individuals become valuable members of society.

The family of Rev. Yanger Walling, Deaf Church Pastor, and sister Amonglao Ao, who serves as the Administrator of DBM, was truly blessed as their children are also involved in the operation of DBM.

DBM has received three (3) President of India’s National Awards and countless recognitions for its outstanding service to the Deaf community. Students thrive on their education to secure employment both in government and private sectors. DBM’s graduate students have not only shown excellence in academics but have also represented India in sports on numerous occasions, with one individual recently receiving a National award from the President of India for her remarkable achievements.

Through DBM initiatives, nine (9) Deaf couples celebrated a Christian wedding that has been a taboo for the Deaf. DBM created a remarkable transformation for the Deaf community, from being often marginalized and neglected to becoming respected and included in society.

With these accomplishments, DBM sees that there is more to be done. In rural areas, thousands of Deaf children are deprived of education and healthcare due to economic constraints. Currently, nineteen (19) students need sponsorship to cover their education, food and healthcare needs. With just $25 a month, one can support a Deaf child’s basic needs, paving the way for a brighter future. 

DBM’s mission is to provide free education and accommodation to Deaf individuals. Currently, 73 Deaf children in the Deaf School along with more than 200 Deaf Church members, are receiving free education and accommodation. DBM has room for more, but daily basic expenses slow down their journey of helping Deaf individuals who desire nothing more than being understood, accepted and valued in this world.

DBM’s ultimate prayer is that every Deaf individual would encounter the Lord in their lives. They are committed to continue as the gateway to heaven for the Deaf community.

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If you are led to donate, you may send it online or if you’d prefer to give by check please make it payable to and mail it to:

Global Hope India
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