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Updates from The Deaf Biblical Ministries in Nagaland India


There were 73 Deaf children in our Deaf School this year, along with more than 200 Deaf Church members. We have just completed our school year for 2023. On Sunday, the Deaf Church celebrated its pre-Christmas event. It was wonderful to see the children reciting/signing Bible verses, singing, and praising God. 

Deaf children from Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian families came together to express gratitude for Christmas, celebrating the sending of Jesus to save the world. What a beautiful sight it was! How wonderful to know that they all have trusted the Lord as their Savior. We pray that as they return home, they continue to spread the love of God in their families. We are grateful to everyone who has a heart for Deaf souls. We always ask the Lord to help us bring all the Deaf children who come to DBM to Him. We want this place to be a gateway to Heaven, where God’s presence is felt by every Deaf individual.

There are thousands of Deaf children, especially in the interior parts of the state. Their families are unable to send them to school due to poverty. DBM provides free education and accommodation for them. We have room for many more Deaf individuals. However, to feed each child costs $25 a month. It is overwhelming to think that $25 a month will determine a child’s eternity, whether they get the opportunity to hear the Gospel or not, and their future in Heaven.

The Deaf need to HEAR the Gospel. ‘How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?’ (Romans 10:14). They, too, will go to hell if they do not hear the Gospel. May it be our prayer and a burden in our hearts to do all we can to reach out to this still unreached part of the world, the Deaf World.

Children from different religious families but one in Christ.


Global Hope India is blessed to have taken multiple teams to DBM. It’s truly one of the most special places on earth!

The children were once thought to be cursed and even demon-possessed. Many were living as if animals, unable to communicate, receiving no education, and having no future or hope.

We’ve seen the power of DBM! As soon as a child is enrolled at DBM, they come alive. They learn to communicate. They begin to smile. They receive the highest quality education, nutrition, health care, and, most importantly, exposure to the good news of Jesus.

100% of the children come to accept Jesus Christ for salvation. No one is ever forced. They learn that He is the one giving them this life, and they decide to trust Him.


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