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Merry Christmas from Chennai India

Will you show God’s love to the poor, destitute, and tribal kids along with the Gospel during Christmas?

Most of us spend quite a bit around Christmas time, on our family and friends—and sometimes on ourselves as well—and are often surprised at how little you get for your dollar nowadays. Well, if you want to stretch the impact of your Christmas funds further, why not consider spending it in India? Not by going there, as that would incur even more cost, but by donating to the ministries here in this part of the world.

Christmas is a very special opportunity in India. Not just for Christians to celebrate and enjoy themselves, but an opportunity to share the gospel with unbelievers. For this reason Christmas programs at each of the villages our churches are located in are a very effective form of evangelism. Most of these villages are very poor, low caste people who have many basic needs. 

We would love to bless them with gifts of clothing, food, and Christmas programs that present the gospel. We have an ambitious plan to run Christmas programs in all 32 branch churches to take advantage of this opportunity. Here’s where your donations could help. 

We can assure you a dollar goes much further in India than it does in other parts of the world.  So why not let it stretch its impact by making a donation to our ministry. We have gone ahead in faith and planned our Christmas programs and giving, but the funding is yet to follow. Your money spent in India in this way will help to ensure a very happy Christmas for many needy people, and help them to hear about the Christ of Christmas.

Please join us in praying and helping with the following projects before Christmas:

$5,400    2 BOREWELLS
$2,500    500 BIBLES
$3,200    2 MOTORCYCLES
$13,100  TOTAL

Anyone led to give can give online HERE or by check with memo “for Chennai” to:

Global Hope India 
8045 Arco Corporate Drive STE 130
Raleigh, NC 27617

Thank you in advance,

Thank You GHI!

The year 2014 remains as the most unforgettable year in our ministry and family as we were making at a snail pace, carrying the VISION of planting 20 Churches by the year 2020. We had planted just 4 Churches by then but were ambitiously awaiting the Grace of God and favor of men for the vision to be accomplished.  

Praise God—He does everything perfectly in His time, as that was the year we got introduced to Rev. Kevin White and GHI through a mutual friend. Our ministry never looked the same again. The Lord opened multiple doors for us to plant Churches in many unreached villages and remote rural areas through the prayers, guidance, financial help and projects of Global Hope India.  Our ministry took off to another level as GHI continued supporting our ministries by sending teams to our mission fields regularly through which we were able to plant Churches, make disciples, train young leaders and Pastors, start Bible Study programs, do social work activities and community development projects, support Pastors financially, donate for the education of the underprivileged kids and many more.

Well, by the end of the year 2020, we were able to plant 21 Churches. That was not the end, even though we were able to see the VISION 2020 happen, GHI continued and still continues to support and help us in every possible way for the advancement of the Gospel and extension of the God’s Kingdom. 

Now at this point of time, we have planted 32 Churches and it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and help of GHI. We are truly grateful to Rev. Kevin White, GHI, the board members, and every person that has contributed towards our ministry.

We look forward to doing greater things in the years to come along with GHI.

The Bernardshaw’s