Raja in Changing Lives of the Unwanted and Unrecognized

Pastor Raja Pratap Kumar has been a pastor and social worker for decades. In 1998, he built the Hyderabad Full Gospel Ministries and Hope Telangana. With his Master’s degree in Social Work and his passion for proclaiming the Gospel, a lot has been accomplished over the years.

His missionary work focuses on the immediate needs of the orphaned and disabled. His constant projects include surgeries, assistive devices, medical missions, and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. He also serves the leper and tribe communities. 

Pastor Raja ensures the well-being of each of these children and individuals in need. Most importantly he takes care of their spiritual being as well. He conducts Gospel meetings, distributes the Holy Bible and supports church planting and the missionary work of the pastors.

With the help of Global Hope India, a school van has been provided to the children who are now safe from the dangers of crossing the busy streets going to school. Food, shelter, education, medical needs, and clean water have also been provided. Last Christmas, gifts were extended to the leper community, read more.

Training for pastors is in place and financial assistance has been provided regularly. 

Pastor Raja and the beneficiaries are beyond grateful for your generosity. Still, these works are an ongoing situation that seeks recurring support. Building churches at tribe villages and Bible distribution will help sustain the spiritual needs of the people. While borewells for drought villages, schools for orphans and the poor, special schools for the mentally challenged, and sustainable livelihood programs will support their basic needs, additional resources are needed to provide for their long-term development and well-being.

If you wish to become a partner in this great mission, you may send your donation online or if you’d prefer to give by check please make it payable to and mail it to:

Global Hope India
8045 Arco Corporate Drive STE 130
Raleigh, NC 27617