From Words to Actions: Dr. S’ Mission of Sharing the Gospel and its Life-Changing Impact

Dr. S established his ministry in 2007, but since 1983 he has been in missionary work of spreading God’s word. His ministry focuses on church planting, providing shelter and home for children, skills training programs, education, and tutorial centers.

With his dedication to the mission, recently his ministry was able to provide a home to 292 children, and 685 children were assisted with their school fees. To battle unemployment, more than 1,300 young adults have been trained in their government-recognized skills training program every year. Additionally, 40 to 50 young people received training on church planting missions every year.

Dr. S and his ministry have impacted many lives over the years, yet they continue to persevere for the mission. They will continue to spread the Gospel to the districts and villages where it is unheard and unreceived. They will continue to build homes for orphans, provide education and tutorials, and create projects and programs to help with sustainable livelihood. These are big projects that need fervent prayers and support. 

It will only be made possible with your generous donations and continued support. If you are led to donate, you may send it online or if you’d prefer to give by check please make it payable to and mail it to:

Global Hope India
8045 Arco Corporate Drive STE 130
Raleigh, NC 27617